What Agatha Desires – Agatha’s Plaything


Having followed Agatha’s instructions ... “be my little pet Gothette - wear something black, trashy and disposable… something you won’t miss if it… gets torn...” So tonight, Ella Jane is ‘goth’. Dressed more for underground clubbing under her open charity shop cloak than a stroll in the country. The cool night air as much as her building anticipation is invigorating....

Agatha’s Party – Come As You Are (to be continued)

As the door closes behind her, Agatha finds herself swaying slightly in a high-ceilinged reception hall, its walls of dark wood panelling and heavy drapes, all illuminated by a host of candles adorning the tops of dark antique furniture. The warm air is heavy with the smell of hot wax. Agatha detects other scents, subtle … Continue reading Agatha’s Party – Come As You Are (to be continued)