What Agatha Desires – Agatha’s Plaything


Having followed Agatha’s instructions ... “be my little pet Gothette - wear something black, trashy and disposable… something you won’t miss if it… gets torn...” So tonight, Ella Jane is ‘goth’. Dressed more for underground clubbing under her open charity shop cloak than a stroll in the country. The cool night air as much as her building anticipation is invigorating....

Scarlett’s Surprise Rendezvous

Is there something wrong with being so turned on in such a public place? To close your eyes, and just imagine that attractive stranger seeing you almost naked. For them to actually catch a glimpse of your sex? Of them being close enough to see just how excited you are?

Glimpse of Corsets, Tutus, Fishnet and Rope

Glasgow city-centre was too hot. Who suggested we wear corsets today? I love the tight grip of mine. To be fair, I do love the enclosure of any body-hugging designs with that in mind – or things wrapped tightly around me. Though perhaps my favourite burlesque attire was too tight and heavy for that heat, … Continue reading Glimpse of Corsets, Tutus, Fishnet and Rope