What Agatha Desires – Agatha’s Plaything


Having followed Agatha’s instructions ... “be my little pet Gothette - wear something black, trashy and disposable… something you won’t miss if it… gets torn...” So tonight, Ella Jane is ‘goth’. Dressed more for underground clubbing under her open charity shop cloak than a stroll in the country. The cool night air as much as her building anticipation is invigorating....

Sally On The Beach (Suncream Pt 2 – work in progress)

The morning after the slippery fun the day before. It had been such a night with David, after that experience with the girls, he had been delightfully ‘unstoppable’… I wonder what Agatha and Foxaloola are up to today? Sally could feel that familiar sensation rising as she lay there in the air-conditioned room bathed in … Continue reading Sally On The Beach (Suncream Pt 2 – work in progress)