img_0330I’m lucky when my dreams come back. Vivid and arousing to the point of unaided orgasms in my sleep. I spent last night imagining myself pressed warmly between two unknown bodies in the dark. Touching their softness. Feeling hands caress and explore me. I think its time for me to start writing again. I can feel it building up inside me, growing. It needs release.


“Agatha, Agatha…”

I feel myself awake. It’s dark. I lay there trying to work out what’s woken me. None of my senses respond.

It’s warm and I’m laying on top of the bed. I think. I can’t see where I am, and I can’t feel fabric covering my skin. It was probably too warm last night, and I’ve shrugged off the light sheet.

Still my eyes haven’t adjusted to the darkness. It’s pitch black. I can see nothing.

“Agatha,” someone touches my shoulder, “don’t move.” The voice is female, firm, familiar but indistinct.

There are other hands on me. Stroking my arms and my legs, caressing my face and running through my hair. Mmmm, that feels good. The hands on my arms and legs have a firmness that suggests I should stay where I am, in their grasp. I don’t feel any need to disagree.

The hands move around my breasts and up my legs. Others on my arms, fingers taking me in, exploring me. I feel a tingle as two, no, three then four hands begin to gently caress my breasts. Others on my stomach, and I don’t know how many caressing my legs. I feel my breath shortening and sink into the pleasure. Sensual caresses along my limbs, down across my stomach.

My neglected nipples ache. That ache echoed elsewhere in building pulses. I can feel my inner heat building and with it my need to be touched intimately…


I’m awake. My breathing still shallow. Don’t you just hate it when that happens before things get too interesting!

It’s still dark. I feel the heat of the dream still inside me, lace fabric hot and damp between my legs. I throw back the summer sheet and feel a cool quench my peripheral heat. But I so need to find a release for my inner heat. My fingers trace down across the lace of my chemise, brushing my nipples and generating a burst of pleasure that echoes much louder deeper within me. I need to touch and release that ache. My fingers travel lower seeking my own moist heat…

I pause, aware of movement that isn’t me. The bed moves around me. I’m not alone. Was I dreaming after all?

Hands are again touching me. Exploring me more forcefully than before, squeezing and gripping my body around and through the lace. Fingers pinching my skin, making me gasp in surprise.

My chemise pulling at me as someone takes hold of it. The sound of tearing. The delicate fabric of my chemise ripping, exposing me. I now have very little to hide my modesty (?) behind, save for my matching panties. Finding my involuntary exposure – to these strangers – incredibly arousing.

Hands taking a grip of my wrists and my ankles, holding me. So that they can do what they want with me. A pull on my hair. Yet more hands touching me where they want. Squeezing my tits, pulling on my nipples, and someone tugging that flimsy shard of panty-lace tight up into me. I can feel how wet I am. Feeling them tug it tighter against my sex in harsh pulses. My swollen nub responding with its own pleasant pulse. I can hear how wet I am. The vulnerability to their whims along with the sensation arousing me further. The thrill of being a plaything.

Someone is kissing me, soft feminine lips used with a too-long restrained hunger. Mouths hungry on my nipples as hands squeeze my large boobs tightly, the skin taught with the pressure applied. Fuck – I love having my tits squeezed like that – you can do that harder!

Hands spreading my legs wider, others on my thighs, urging my legs open. Just how many hands are there? It feels as if they are all over me. They are not being gentle with me. Do they know I need it hard?

My hair being pulled back, kisses and bites on my neck, mouths suckling eagerly at my tits. Hands on my ankles holding my legs apart, no modesty. Can they tell how wet they’ve made me?

At last, fingers touching me, pressing into me through the taught lace. Oh yes! Only a woman would know how to tease me like that! Fingers with long nails drawing slickly up either side of the tightly pulled lace shard. She does know how wet I am now, please just… She’s reading my mind. The panties are released and her fingers slide easily inside my wet heat. That’s so good, the thrill of her fingers inside me – I gasp! The slender fingers begin to squelch in and out of my aching cunt.

That gasped exclamation quickly repeated as something firm slaps my cheek. It’s owner presses it into my cheek again and I realise it’s his manhood. A nice big clean smelling cock! He slaps at my face with it again. He doesn’t need to. My mouth is already open. Give me that cock! My head tilted towards him and I feel it nudge along my tongue. I feel the familiar sensation of it at the back of my throat and I initially resist my gagging reflex. Though I’m sure he enjoys the sound, so he gets it. My wet gagging seems to encourage him as he begins to fuck my mouth. I become lost in the rhythm of being used as a fuck-toy, my own cunt being finger-fucked to the same delicious rhythm.

Oh. My. Goddess. I am going to cum…


Fuck! It’s still dark!

I’m unable to move. My arms and legs are being held down firmly. I can feel the firm grip around each of my ankles and wrists. I find it so fucking sexy being ‘restrained’. Where I have no control over what’s going to happen, what’s done to me, or how I’m used for someone else’s pleasure. I can feel myself begin to tingle.

Opening my eyes I become aware of flickering light, as-if from a candle some way off. Figures faintly outlined around me. Five of them, holding me down and whilst I can’t see their faces they appear to be looking down on me, taking in my naked body. I’m imagining them planning what to do with me. Or in quiet private moments have they already decided what they’ll do with me?

As my eyes begin to adjust to the candle-light I see their smiles and the gleam in their eyes. They were waiting for me to join them, and I know from their faces that they know what I want. I recognise their faces. David and Sally have have come hundreds of miles but Barbara has travelled such a long way to share me. Luxx towers over me holding my wrist, but most importantly, by my side as always is my lovely Foxaloola. They allow me a moment to take this all in, along with all the beautiful intimate ink, hearts, flowers, skulls and waves. It’s only then the absence of clothes dawns on me. Well, if we’re ALL naked what could possibly go wrong?

Sally and Barbara are moving up my legs with their mouths. Definitely nothing wrong with that. Loving the kisses and gentle nips on my thighs. Each one an encouragement for me to open my thighs wider. Opening myself up to them, feeling their attention shift to the insides of my thighs. My breath slowing as they move towards my heat. I need to feel them there. Fingers stroking my already moist and engorged labia. They don’t need any encouragement to explore me. How easily those fingers slide inside me. It feels lush. A rhythm building together in my wet heat.

Then an eager mouth joining those fingers. My gaze meets those beautiful blue eyes and she knows that’s what I want. The fingers part me and I feel her mouth on me, tongue entering me, pushing deep in and probing my cervix. I feel myself shudder with delight, aware that she is now lapping hungrily at me. Each movement covering the length of my sex, finishing with a languid caress of my clit. Oh, I know you want to taste me, feel my petals open to your tongue but please keep doing that! You fuckin’ tease!

I feel the light beard brushing my jaw line and Luxx is kissing me, as he has done many times over the years. Our friend with benefits, and a generous cock, but at the moment I’m enjoying deep kisses ‘top and tail’!

Then I see David stroking himself in my peripheral vision and realise, perhaps Luxx is just warming my mouth up. Luxx moves back slightly, poised with a wicked grin inches above my lips. Then turns towards David, or rather his approaching cock. For a moment I wonder if he’s going to lick it as it passes his lips for mine. How I’d like to watch that again. Instead my tongue meets David’s swollen glans and I get to taste his pre-cum. He presses his shaft down horizontal and encourages me as I swirl my tongue around his taught glans.

The pressing tongue, or is that tongues at my sex encourages me to lick David more enthusiastically. I am being held open and my labia being pulled softly as I feel myself being probed. Entered as his cock nudges along my tongue. I close my mouth around his hardness and encourage him by sucking it deeper. Then he he begins to move, to fuck my mouth, and I relax to accommodate him. I feel hands on my tits, squeezing them hard, pulling on my nipples but I have to focus on serving this cock. Does he like that sound as he makes me gag? I love the feeling of him using me.

Then hands in my hair, pulling me away from him. Luxx’s cock looming into view, David’s sliding from my lips no matter how hard my eyes plead or I suck on him. It is quickly replaced with the warmth and more familiar shape of Luxx’s dick. He uses it a bit more aggressively, aware of how much I can take. I quickly gag but that doesn’t deter his enthusiasm beyond a brief pause to enjoy my discomfort. David rubbing his spit-slippery cock across my nipples as one of the girls, silver rings catching the light, squeezes my tits for him. The taught softness of my boobs sliding against cock, mmm! How does my nipple feel against your glans David? My nipple sliding against your pee-hole? I know I’m loving having my girlie one licked by whoever is between my legs at the moment! Her enthusiasm is delightful – Oooo yes! There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing!

Now I find two cocks fighting for access to my mouth. If I was wearing lippy it would be seriously smudged. I’m not complaining but it’s been a while since I’ve sucked two at once. Usually just as a warm-up. Is it possible to please two masters? I can only try! If I had my hands free perhaps I would just rub them against each other and give them the occasional lick. What they’re doing, rubbing their slippery hardness against my face and tongue feels so decadent. I am their plaything to use. I’m not going to turn my head either way, and feeling them both swirl against my tongue is such a turn-on.

Almost taking me by surprise I feel myself begin to shudder, losing control of my ability to minister to them. My release filling the hungry mouth that continues to eat my cunt with undaunted enthusiasm.

My hair is pulled, allowing a cock to enter my mouth. Then pulled the other way as two cocks again slide against each other in my mouth. I don’t think I can open any wider. My hair firmly pinning my head allowing them to play with my mouth.

Someone straddling my belly, their moist heat pressing against me. Those beautiful blue eyes swimming into view. She is watching close-up the two cocks slipping over and within my lips. Is it as much a turn-on for you watching those two spit-coated cocks slide against each other?

My mouth is abandoned as a dark shape looms over us. A lovely soft belly comes into view, and the bodies around me shift as she positions herself, squatting over my face. I don’t recognise your jewellery but your labia are beautifully parted and distended, glistening there for me. Have you been playing with yourself, or did you get a hand? You smell divine. I know you need to be eaten, I need to taste you, lose myself in your delicious cunt.

My wish is her need too. She fills my nostrils with her delicious scent as she pauses there. I thrust out my tongue and am rewarded with my first taste of her sweetness. That must have been what she was waiting for as she sinks down into my mouth. Rubbing herself back and forth she allows my tongue to explore her blossoming petals and between. She is deliciously wet already. I lose myself and my tongue, her urgency and movements giving me access to her from her clit to her ass-hole. So fucking erotic to explore her. Does she enjoy the tip of my tongue pressing into her ass? But she needs me to minister to her clit. It feels firm against my lips as I slide my tongue under its hood and release it more directly to my attention. She encourages my swirling tongue and I enjoy being her “cunt-licking-bitch” for this exquisite moment. Yes, no “better fuckin’ lick me’ about it but I will give you what you demand from your “bitch”.

There is something sliding against my thigh. A hand, or hands. Feeling my legs being lifted, folded back and pressed down against my boobs. I know how much this exposes my sex, and I know how sopping wet I am. I’ve had that picture taken often enough. I know how delightfully slutty I look splayed open.

I feel something large sliding against my cunt, entering me easily. It sinks into my slippery hole so easily and I feel my muscles tremble slightly with the pleasure. Using my muscles to grip him. I savour the sensation of him filling me before he begins to withdraw. His cock feels beautiful in me but as always the emptiness of withdrawal makes me draw breath and sends a shudder of pleasure through me. Slowly entering me again, you’re savouring my slippery hole. Then I smell coconut, a caress around my anus. A slippery finger enters me and swirls around as I try to maintain my service of this beautiful cunt that glides against my mouth.

Then my ass is empty, then quickly something much larger is pressing against that tight hole. Gently pressure and I open for him. Sliding slowly in, pausing. Sliding deeper, deeper still, filling me.

They have both paused. I am so full, both holes stretched. I have no idea how they’ve done it but it feels so dirty in a good way. My muscles quivering with the pleasure of their hardness. She grinds her clit down against my mouth with more urgency, wanking herself off against my eager mouth. I feel those cocks pulse inside me. Then they begin to move. In and out of me. Using my holes for their pleasure. I think of them feeling the thrusts of each other’s cocks inside me. Pounding me, feeling the movement against each other. Oooo – I have never felt so full – so filled! I gasp into the grinding wet heat with each synchronised thrust into me. She’s rubbing herself against my face. She is crying out. Yes, I am her “cunt licker”! I feel her release on my face before she fills my mouth. I swallow. Them feel the swelling up spasm of two cocks stretching, cumming in me at the same time. Those shuddering jerks releasing wave after wave of pleasure washing through me. Filling me with the heat of their spunk…


Something disturbs me but not unpleasantly. It’s bright, coloured light even with my eyes shut, and I can hear loud rock music at a distance. The air is warm and smells of beer and sweet drinks.

The bed feels different under me, firmer, hard even. So is the music, closer now. I can feel the bass playing through me, filling me with its raw energy. I feel hands in my hair, pulling.

I open eyes. I’m in a bar. Not that unusual, but I’m lying on the pool table at one end of the room. Cool smooth fabric is under me covering the baize, its transparent edges trailing over the lip of the table around me. The light is from a neon beer sign behind the wooden bar. It’s a familiar basement. So are some of the faces around me in the half light.

I’m naked. Though for the figures around me the dress code is black and shiny. ‘I choose to stay…’

There is a figure standing over me above my head, ‘devil in a black dress watching over me’ thunders around me. Her smile framed in lilac hair is beautiful but mischievous. My upside down view notes that the steel zipper on her front is pulled down to reveal her full cleavage. The tight PVC doing nothing to disguise her full nipples and their titanium piercing bars. She raises something in her tattooed hand. Warmth splashes across my breasts and stomach. I inhale the coconut, and the scent with the heat of the room remind me of sunbathing. She moves around the table dousing me with the oil. I lay there and embrace the sensation.

Completing a circuit of anointing me I hear her above the music. “Who wants her?”

Immediately the circle of figures closes in on me, accompanied by the sounds of zippers and press-studs being popped. Leather jackets are shrugged to the floor and I’m surrounded by a press of half covered tattooed flesh. Hands reaching out to touch, touch, caress my oil covered skin. So many hands touching me, exploring me, playing with me. I have no idea who they belong to. I lose myself in the slippery pleasure and the base line of the music. ‘Come here… my door is open… come inside…’

Foxaloola bending over me, “I think you’re beautiful…” and kissing me deeply.

Strong hands caressing my every erogenous zone, squeezing, gripping my slipper skin. Hands holding me down. Fingers sliding inside me. The lights of the bar pulsing in time to the eldrich music, my own pleasure rising with each wave of music, light and touch. The music gets faster, more urgent and so does the slippery exploration of my body. Fingers in me, squelching in and out, filling and stretching me. Something easily entering my ass and joining the rhythm. More fingers. Others squeezing and pulling at me, tugging at my tits. Slaps landing on my tits. On my thighs, my mons. I shudder with the intensity.

I realise that many of those surrounding me are also giving themselves, and others, pleasure. Hands rubbing unashamedly between their parted legs, so many cocks being stroked around me. I feel them being rubbed against me, my slippery tits getting the most attention. Realising from some of the shuddering touches that their pleasure is close to climaxing. Tables and chairs around me being used as platforms to watch me and masturbate from.

Feeling three narrow fingers slide into me forcefully I gasp! She smiles, kneeling between my open thighs, pumping her partner’s cock in her other hand. Her tits shuddering between the open front of her painted leather jacket with her double efforts. She finger-fucks my cunt with a growing intensity. Her wet slapping speeding up with the rising tempo of the music, warm shudders of pleasure building uncontrollably within me.

I can’t help it. I scream with the pleasure and spray both of them with warm spurts of my pleasure. I see him cum, jerking in her hand and splashing her with his spunk. I float in the intensity of the pleasure. I hold an image of his spunk running down her leather sleeve.

The brief sensation of being swung over someone’s knee, my hair pulled. Sharp smacks on my arse. Fingers exploring me from behind. More spanking as I try to orientate myself.

I rest against the slippery table top and feel the rope being bound around me. Down and under, around and around, down and under. Now my breasts squeezed in its tight grip, my flesh taught with the pressure. My nipples aching hard with the pressure. Steel clamps being attached. Pleasure being applied…

I lie still, slippery on the plastic covered table, rope binding me tight. My breathe grasped against my excitement. Figures merging all around me, shifting above me. I relish the feeling their touch envelope and explore me.

She is half standing over me in nothing but a short skirt and buckled heels. Her hand rubbing between her thighs. I lie there mesmerised as she wanks over me. Her thighs begin to shudder and she releases a stream of hot fluids over me, collapsing in the process. Thanking me with wet clumsy kisses.

Rolling off me, my lilac maiden moves above me. Kissing me briefly she turns around so that she can plant tender kisses on my swollen womanhood, her own sex descending on my face. My senses enveloped on her perfume, her taste. She inserts and finger and continues to lap at me. I follow her lead, encouraging her. Wanking each other with 1, 2, 3 and then 4 fingers. Enjoying a chorus of my favourite squelching slaps.