Sally gets a hand taking pictures

“Yes, that’s them both out for the count,” Sally’s new neighbour Isla confirmed in her Edinburgh lilt as she returned to the lounge. Sally had warmed unusually quickly to the slightly older ‘new lass’ at the school gates as they waiting for their respective charges. Perhaps it was their mutual disdain for authority, and with it the gaggle of ‘stuck-up plastic mummies’. Or it might have been her abundant ink, multitude of piercings, unfettered blue sense of humour with possibly the dirtiest laugh as a follow on. But Sally felt comfortable with her almost immediately. It didn’t do any harm that she was very tactile, attractive, and was disproportionately blessed with generous breasts. A pain in the back admittedly but a virtue in Sally’s eyes that Isla generously shared via her choice of tops. Though Sally herself had a figure that drew a lot of attention, she did find herself glancing across at Isla’s cleavage and feeling just a little jealous. She knew how much men fetishised larger tits. Hell, if she was honest she found them… ‘alluring’ herself.

Sally blushed at what she was thinking. Imagining. No, she’d just met the woman, and despite Isla’s graphic sense of humour Sally was in no way going to challenge either of their comfort zones. A resolve that was justified at the end of the first week when Isla told Sally where she had moved into. Not two doors down from Sally and David.

That night, with both husbands away the kids’ sleepover had sounded like a great opportunity to open a bottle and get to know her new neighbour. If nothing else it provided a distraction from this heatwave, and after all, not many neighbours gave such a lovely squishy hug.

Thanks for checking on them, I thought you’d want another one,” Sally responded. Replacing the cap on the Bacardi next the two recently replenished glasses she watched Isla collapse into the sofa opposite her.

Are you trying to get me pished?” Isla responded sternly from her sprawl, before breaking into a snigger. “Ta hon’, don’t mind if I do. ‘Been ages since I’ve felt this relaxed! It’s been sooo lovely to meet you Sally!” The sentiment reflected in her eyes and grin. “Where were we?”

Sally took a slug from her own glass as she handed Isla hers. “You were going to tell me about your piercings Isla.”

One of my several weaknesses Sally’” Isla responded, “along with the ink, but the piercings… well, they’re fun, something different.” Sally had already noted Isla’s collection of silver-wear, seven hoops in each of her lobes, left auricle triquetra, and the decorated bar of her right scaffold piercing.

The ears are just for starters Sally,” Isla teased her.

Go on, what else?” Sally couldn’t resist asking the expected question.

A few more hoops, and a set through my nips. You should have seen the masseuse’s face in Tunisia when she wheeched down the front of ma’ bathing suit! She got a wee surprise…”

Sally sniggered at her new friend, “bars or hoops?” she asked, intrigued.

Probably easier if I show you,” and with that Isla grasped the hem of her summer t-shirt. Sally didn’t reply but Isla could see her barely concealed enthusiasm in her eyes. The t-shirt quickly cleared her head, leaving her hair to fall to her shoulders. Her burgundy brassiere was alluring on her, it’s lower cut cups holding but revealing a contrastingly pale expanse of softness. But before Sally could say anything Isla’s arms were behind her and the dark cups of her bra were falling away in her hands from those magnificent boobs. “What do you think?”

Sally was mesmerised by Isla’s lovely full breasts as they swung free in front of her. Each tipped by a nipple easily wider than her index finger. What would they feel like in my mouth? Aware of the heavy bars through each. What would they feel like to pull on? What would be the response?

Piercings?” was all Sally could eventually think of to say.

The response was one of Isla’s guttural laughs.

Capturing and holding Sally’s gaze, “no, my eyes ya daft cunt! And don’t worry I saw you takin’ a few sneaky peeks at ma’ girls earlier. They’re nice aren’t they?” Isla added, smiling, cupping them. “All the boys, and girls, seem to like them…” Adding a wink. Isla talked on about her nipple bars and how much fun they were. Sally could only grin back. She knew she was blushing, and hoped she didn’t look like too much of an ‘eejit’. Girls? Was Isla a girl after her own heart? Trying to mentally change the subject to give her some thinking time Sally asked, “where did you get the others done?”

Glasgow,” Isla watched Sally’s disapproval with the return of a smirk, “I have my labia done,” she added with a licentious grin and a downwards nod. “They’re fab, do you want to see Them as well?”

Before Sally realised what she was doing she was nodding. Isla shimmying out of her black leggings. Was this really happening? How much had they had to drink before the kids went to bed?

Promise you won’t freak out Sally?”

Sally’s mind raced. Isla’s knees spayed showing a lot of previously hidden ink, Isla’s leggings already around her ankles, her fingers on the left edge of her burgundy panties. Ready…

Are you sure Sally?” Isla was sitting there still wearing her leggings, though her magnificent breasts still free, holding out her iPhone Plus to sally. Not sure how far she should reach out.

Sally realised her eyes were wide in anticipation. Who matches their lipstick to their underwear unless that’s all they plan to be wearing? She nodded again, not quite sure if her ‘yes’ was audible. Wanting to reach out. Touch Isla’s boobs. Kiss her.

Taking the screen Sally forced herself to focus on, and then found herself engrossed in the image. Warmth of flesh tones, six delicate steel – or was it titanium – rings nuzzling out at alternate angles, a glimpse of something glinting at her apex. “Aren’t they fab?” from next to her on the couch. The warmth of an arm against her. A light brush of warmth.

Nodding, aware that Isla still hadn’t replaced her top.

Drawing her finger to the left on the screen. Another image, much closer, much more intimate. Three glinting rings tracing down each inner labia. The warmth of the arm pressing against hers. Both ball ends of the piercing in her little pink ‘hood catching the light. “Yes, I like that.. I mean, I like your piercings!” What would it feel like running my tongue up… the central metal guiding my tongue to her…

I have a favour to ask.” Sally heard herself saying.

Yes,” was the immediate response

Emboldened, Sally continued “I take a lot of pictures… for David…” She made eye contact with Isla.

Well, I’ve shown you mine…” came the Scot’s response.

It’s just I’ve been trying to take a good shot of my bum for ages for him…”

That would be easy to arrange,” Isla cut in with a grin. Then continued, “kneeling on the couch, or standing up bent over, over a chair?”

Maybe I should get my paddle out?” Though half serious, both girls responded with laughter.

But Isla was on a mission. “OK, where’s your phone?”

Sally handed it to her.

Let’s try you standing up, leaning against that blank wall next to the door.”

Sally slipped out of her comfy jeans with minimal catching of heels and ‘adopted the pose’; hands on wall, pushing her bum backwards and looking at Isa over her shoulder. Was the pout too much?

Isla reassured her “that’s lovely Sally!” Adding more softly, “you might want your top off as well for this.”

Feeling the material of her top rise up. In almost a haze Sally let the fabric of her top slip from her fingers to the floor. Did that just happen she found herself thinking once again. Grateful that she’d for some reason chosen her favourite underwear, cobalt with the turquoise trim, knowing how well it worked with her skin tone. Maybe subconsciously she’d hoped this might…

Isla was staring at her. “If you don’t mind me saying, you look absolutely gorgeous Sally… you look gorgeous in that.”

I don’t mind at all Isla.” Sally could feel her cheeks warming and turned back to the wall. Isla continued taking pictures from a number of different angles as Sally tried to play down her imagination. She had a lovely new friend taking pictures of her in her underwear. Her friend was still topless… Isla’s tits were magnificent! How much she just wanted to rub herself against their warm softness… kiss them… take her thick pierced nipples…feel them against her tongue…

Isla’s voice grounded her, “do you want to slip your knickers off?” Sally felt a thrill shoot through her. Then realised Isla was just suggesting something for the pictures. Or was she?

Sally slipped out of the delicate slip of cobalt fabric, realising Isla was now kneeling behind her

Bend over a bit more. Push your bum out towards me. Yes, that’s it!” The click of the camera. Sally realised she was enjoying the being told what to do by Isla. There was something ‘guilt free’ about being under someone else’s control. Instructed to ‘perform’ by that lovely firm voice. As if she was admonished of guilt by doing as she was told. If she ordered me to do something really debasing, I would just have to. I’d have to do it…no matter what she wanted… Fuck she was turned-on!

You really have a fantastic arse Sally… It looks very slappable!” Yes please! Sally held her breath. My cheeks must be so flushed. She could feel her inner heat building from the other woman’s attention; but no contact. Please!

More pictures.

I’ve got an idea but think I’ll need some more lippy.” A pause. Sally could hear Isla rummaging somewhere. Sally’s eyes closed.

David will love this…” Sally could feel the warmth of Isla’s breath against her left buttock. The pleasure its faint touch generated within her. The realisation that she wasn’t completely deluding herself with the fantasy; Isla’s breathing betrayed her own level of excitement.

And then the softness of Isla’s lips pressing against Sally’s exposed bum… but far too briefly! Sally let out a faint whimper at what she took as a tease. Just kiss me again for longer, and again…

David WILL… love that…” Isla interrupted Sally’s thoughts with a hint of her own breathlessness, before clicking another photo.

I know I did.” Sally confessed.

Isla’s response wasn’t at first verbal. Sally felt her friend’s lips graze her other bum cheek before planting a lingering kiss. Sally was about to melt. The click of a camera app. Another. Another.

Why don’t we move over to the couch Sally. It’ll be more comfortable,” Isla suggested, before changing her tone.No, stop there Sally. Stand at the end of the couch. By the arm rest. Take off your bra. Now lean forwards over the seat…Sally did as she was told. Naked. Completely exposed. Aware of how her ass was pushed back towards the woman in control. How Isla would surely be able to see how aroused she was. That camera click repeatedly capturing her prostrate bum. Being a plaything for the camera. This was such a fucking turn-on.

Then Isla’s breath on her bum. The short breaths matching her own. Then the bliss of lips brushing her. Delicate kisses dressing her naked softness; moving in expanding circles of pleasure. Starting gently before becoming more urgent. First on her left cheek, then her right. Then teeth gently grasping her softness. A soft kiss. Then the rough warmth of tongue being drawn up from her upper though across her other buttock. Past where Sally wanted to feel it. Turning into gentle kisses as those lips travelled up her back. Warm softness brushing her bum checks as the kisses moved above her lower back. Her beautiful boobs. Following the kisses upwards, caressing her hyper sensitive flesh. Softness pressing against her as lips found her neck. Sally’s body tingled with the touch.

Then that downwards pressing softness removed. Her breathing in short aroused gasps. The moist remnant of that last kiss cooling the skin on her neck.

The slap on her bum made Sally gasp. “You like that!” Isla teased her with a soft healing kiss. Again the cooling as her lips lost contact. Another smack, harder, more considered this time. “Yes you do!”

Yes. I. do.” Sally obediently responded.

How about this…” Sally felt Isla’s hands take her hips from behind. Thumbs caressing her bum cheeks. Sally gasped as she realised Isla was parting her buttocks.

Sally feeling her feet being nudged apart.

Gentle kisses glazing her inner things. Pausing. Feeling her cheeks being parted further. She’s looking right at my exposedshe can see just how fucking wet she’s made me… please kiss me there! Delightful submissive frustration. More kisses alternating up the exposed inner curve of Sally’s bum cheeks. Please just fucking touch me there!!! A languid kiss on the apex of her rear cleft.

A tongue. A gasp. Moving back down between Sally’s splayed buttocks. Pausing just above her pretty little anus. The warmth tracing around her nether hole. Sally could hear her breath shudder over her pounding heart. Then soft warmth flicking at her arse. A languid lick. A firm softness trying to push into her; making that intimate ring of muscle pulse in response. Patience. It was inside her now. Pushing too briefly in and out before Sally felt her anal muscle pulse with a disappointing lack of resistance.

That lapping tongue again. Sliding down her perineum. Laps of pleasure exploring either side of the burning heat that her pussy had become. Long languid strokes caressing each of her labia in turn. Each starting just short of her aching pleasure bud, finishing with a hungry kiss near her still tingling anus.

The tongue pushing into her. Exploring her. Deep inside her. Just how long was Isla’s tongue???

Warmth circling her pleasure bud. The ache becoming something else.

Rapid flicks of her clit pushing sensation and her breathing to its limits. The sensation growing like a sunrise, gradually filling Sally with it’s warmth.

The texture changing. The ‘sunrise’ receding to her cunt; breathless, then exploding to fill her completely. The mouth guzzling noisily at her sex, drinking her in with enthusiasm as Sally became lost in the tidal sensations that moved through her.

She felt the couch under her back. Sally’s breathing returned closer to normal wrapped in softly muscled arms as she nuzzled into a pair of magnificent breasts, accompanied by gentle kisses to her head. Kissing the softness back. Those huge pierced nipples found their way to her mouth and she became lost in suckling first one then the other.

Looking up she met Isla’s lustfully encouraging gaze. “I knew you liked my boobs Sally.” Their eyes closed in unison and lost in giving, receiving, and sensation, they both floated.

Just lie there on the couch,” Isla insisted firmly, drawing herself up onto the floor in front of the couch. Facing Sally’s feet, Isla swung her leg over Sally’s face. Lowering herself, positioning herself directly over Sally’s face. Sally gasped at her first sight of Isla’s pierced labia and clit hood in the flesh as they descended on her face. Sally had no idea what Isla was saying, she just wanted her sex. She was going to have her desire.

The perfume of Isla’s arousal filled Sally as she took in the moist spectrum of creamy pink. The labia rings moving gently. The vertical hood piercing highlighting her friend’s pleasure bud. Sally’s thoughts returned to the mind-blowing waves of sensation her friend had ignited in her own clit. Placing her hands on Isla’s hips Sally pulled herself up to taste the woman’s cunt. Savouring her taste with a long slow lap at her pink cleft.

Isla tasted intoxicating. It had been far too long since she’d tasted another woman’s pussy on her tongue. Licking her own juices from David’s cock didn’t count. This was what she’d fantasised about; a fantasy she’d turned both herself and David on with many a time. Sally lost herself in delving between the metal of Isla’s labia before drawing those metal hoops into her mouth, pulling and sucking on each of them. Lapping with languid strokes at each lip before tugging on them again with her mouth. Making them dance with her tongue. Delving, toying with and exploring Isla’s wet heat, the taste of her arousal.

Sally felt fingers caressing her own wet cunt. Her own pleasure rising as she felt herself being easily and enthusiastically explored. Those fingers, one, two, three, beginning to frig her eagerly.

Using the clit-hood piercing Sally’s tongue easily found Isla’s clitoris and she worked her tongue across it rapidly. Her efforts were quickly rewarded with gasp from above. Doubling her efforts, Sally felt Isla’s cunt press down against her face, into her mouth. Sally guzzled at the splayed creamy font. Running her mouth up and down the wetness with vigour. Isla urging her on, “that’s it, that’s it!”

Fingers pressed deeper into Sally. Curling round, upwards. Caressing the ribbed texture of her inner sparkle. Curled up and resuming their rapid pumping in and out of her. A different kind of sensation rapidly rising within Sally.

Sally losing herself in the wet perfumed heat being urgently slid back and forth across her now slippery face. Movements in synchronisation. Sally’s encouragement muffled, Isla’s low and guttural.

The abruptness of the release shocking them both with shuddering, sparkling heat that filled and receded again and again. Sally felt her mouth fill with Isla’s warmth. Waves of pleasure. Felt her own warmth splashing along her thighs, across her belly. Waves of numbing sensation. The wet heat of Isla’s pleasure spraying across her breasts. Sensation washing through her.

Waves of pleasure, washes of serenity. The warm press of skin.

Sally swallowed and lapped at the obscenely splayed cunt resting against her mouth; felt her Scottish lover gasp. Too soon, too sensitive; heard as much as felt the woman’s fingers slide from her.

Unsure of how it happened, Sally once again found herself in the enveloping warmth of Isla’s arms.

How about one of us kissing,” Isla suggested, “I’m sure he’d love that.”

I’d love that too,” Sally quickly responded, “and not just for David.” Lips pressed against her own, Sally responded with the post heat softness she now felt. A series of clicks serenading the girls.

Isla’s kiss became a grin. “You are so fuckin hot Sally,” she half whispered.

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