Club and Train

The heat in the small low ceilinged room meets the rough pounding music full on, enveloping us in a rhythmic pocket within the tightly packed crowd. Enjoying the feel of my tight clothes and bass rhythms against my pale skin. Tonight’s choice of extra short skirt and tight Sisters tee’, attracting barely concealed gawps as we squeeze through the crowd. My best male mate-with-benefits chaperoning me through the press of bodies.

Finding our spot, we move with the heat and the music, pressed against each other. Other bodies press into us, but positioned in front of you I am more aware of you pressing forwards onto me. Your heat against mine moving with the music. Your right arm moving around my waist protectively, encircling me. Your arm moving up slightly as you pull me in to you, feeling me press more definitely against you in response. My shoulders against your chest and my leather clad bum firmly against your groin. You feel the swell of my breasts brush rhythmically against the upper surface of your arm. Do you wonder whether I can feel your arousal grow against those tightly clad buttocks of mine? 

You move your lips down to my shoulder and your hand rises up to cup my left breast through the thin double layer of fabric. Over-washed cotton tee’ and the lace of my style over substance bra. I feel you squeeze me through them. Gentle at first, then more insistent. You feel the swelling of my nipple and focus your caress on it. I don’t protest as you slide your hand inside the front of my tee’ in the darkness, under the lace cup of my light bra and caress the willing softness of my heavy breast. You feel more than hear my gasp against your ear as you tease my already distended nipple. I can feel your cock pressed firmly against my bum now. Yes I can, and my approval must be obvious by the way I grind myself back against your hardness!

I feel your left hand caress and slide down the soft cotton of the front of my tee’. Down across the leather front of my mini-skirt which does little to guard my tingling lower abdomen from your probing touch. You pause and I savour your fingers lingering across my mons through the leather.

The front hem that barely secures my modesty is hoisted, and I feel the warmth of your fingers sliding up, caressing me through the delicate fabric of my panties. Did I think you might be touching them later when I picked this pair? Or is that why I picked them, for the sensation of the fabric, your slender digits touching me through the lace? Your fingers discovering me. My moist heat through the patterned texture.

My own hand sliding behind me, past the tightly pressed swaying body beside us. Feeling their resistance to my movements, interference with my urgent objective; a need to touch you. Do they not want me to touch you? To touch ‘it’? Or only on realising what I’m after do they allow me to squeeze my arm past them? My fingers slide under your t-shirt and trace the hairs of your firm stomach. I delve behind your belt, the waist band at the front of your jeans, encountering the firm tip of your arousal. I withdraw from my boldness. Am I a tease? No, I caress your cloth enveloped arousal. Stroking up and down its barely concealed length, feeling it pulse and grow further at my ministrations. You feel my nipples swell to your own ministrations. Do you even consider whether you are too harsh as you continue to pull on that sensitive left bud? No, don’t dare stop! You know I like it that hard!

Gasping soundlessly as you slide your fingers past my panties. They glide easily between the distended petals of my hot sex. Enjoying the sensual probing of your finger. First one, then two sliding within my heat. I realise I am are still grasping your cock firmly through the front of your jeans. Perhaps over- zealously, as it pulses enthusiastically within my grasp.

Your fingers begin to rub more energetically at my pussy, concentrating on the delicate little bud of my clit. You feel my hand sliding down inside your waistband again. Nails grazing you. Quickly encountering the swollen tip of your cock. Feeling how hard I have made you, how slick your glans are with pre-cum. I slide my palm across your slippery dome and feel your the enthusiasm of your response.

You frig my wet pussy with all your might, squeezing my breast with your free hand. My eyes are closed against the stage lights but surely the bodies pressed firmly against us from all around can feel what we are doing. Surely not all eyes are trained on the band, and they can see what we are doing even in the subdued lighting? I continue to caress the hard pulsing tip of your cock as your rapidly moving fingers play with my wet sex.

Do you want to make me cum? Here, in front of this room packed with strangers? Then should you keep rubbing my pussy under my skirt; me to keep stroking your swollen cock-head until you spurt all over my hand and back…

Should I just get down on my knees before you and suck your cock? Or do you want to fuck my face until I gag? Do you want to cum all over my face and tits? Or should you just yank up my leather mini to my waist, push me down onto my knees surrounded by this press of bodies and take me from behind? Let me feel your big swollen cock thrusting deep into my wet and willing cunt? Fucking me until you fill me with your creamy heat?

We find ourselves almost alone in front of the stage as the rising lights announce that the gig is over.

Was it too much of a rush to make the last train at the station?

Most sensible travellers, and our more anxious friends at the gig left early. Opting for the second-last service of the night, knowing that if the last train’s cancelled then they’d be stuck with either an expensive taxi trip to the suburbs or overnight stay in town. We enjoyed the ‘mild peril’, it was worth it to see our sensual embrace through, if not to climax at least to the end of Gunn’s set. Don’t get me wrong, it was definitely the ‘embrace’ we stayed for!

So our fellow travellers are the drunks and don’t-cares of Glasgow’s mid-week revellers. Little surprise then that the carriage on platform nine initially appears sparsely populated. As we sway together along the isle looking for a vacant and hopefully vaguely private pair of seats the alarm indicates the doors are closing. ‘Mild peril’ over, but we made it but did cut it fine.

Despite the lower number of late night commuters, few appear willing to share their space. Why do solo travellers insist on sitting at a table? I want a little privacy with you… As the doors close the lights go out, complicating our task. We give in towards the end of the carriage and I indicate the last table on the right. Four seats separated by a table, with two vacant, the opposite pair occupied by what looks like another couple. They don’t bother to acknowledge us as they kiss in the darkness opposite.

You put your arm around me and stroke my shoulder as I lean in towards you. I remember the feeling as you pressed against me in the darkness of the club. The illicit contact, and arousal we shared in each other. I am still aching for you to be inside me. My body telling me she needs you, she is ready. You feel my breath against your neck and realise in that position you can reach down in front of me, inside my tee’ again, to touch… to cup my breast. It’s lovely full softness, the swell of my aching nipple rapidly returning between your thumb and fore-finger, growing further under your ministrations. My breath quickening against your neck, encouraging you…

I become aware of a moan from the couple opposite, and in the darkness realise that they are also exploring each other.

Can you see her, four feet away from us, wanking him off? Sliding her hand up and down his shaft. Her head sinking down to take the tip of his cock in her mouth? Sinking down his shaft…

Should I slip up onto the table for you? Sit there with legs parted for you, and slide the hem of my miniskirt up for you? Would I expose my naked arousal to you? To anyone who cared to look?

Maybe I’ll slip down, and straddling you, rub my slippery heat against your cock. Feel the warmth of your hardness against my most sensitive, needful place. Feel it nudge against my moistly blossoming flower, nudge between the petals of my sex… feel your mouth on my lovely full boobs as I drive myself down onto your hardness; feeling the length of that lovely shaft slide between the distended lips of my sex… you are making me tingle. Do you want to feel my warmth slide down your hardness until you are deep inside me? Do you want to fill me with your lovely hot hard cock?

But you lift me off you, turn me, and bend me face-down over the table. A hard swollen cock pistoning in and out of the woman’s lips inches from my face. She catches my eye as I drink in the close up sex show, winks, and releases the glistening cock. Bending it towards my mouth and encourages me, “go on, give it a lick…” Adding another salacious wink.

I feel your cock against my sex, making me gasp; another nudging against my chin as our new friend pushes my head down towards her man’s cock.

I feel your hardness nudging against my pussy. Pressure, pushing, then sliding easily inside me. Filling and stretching me. I feel a hand on the back of my head as your hardness slowly, but easily slides into me again, filling me deeper. Deeper with each thrust. Does that feel good to be so far inside me? Do you want to tell me how good it feels? Are you watching her play with that cock? Are you just going to watch her feed it to me?

I realise the woman is rubbing the stranger’s slippery cock against my lips. I open my mouth and extend my tongue. She rubs it up and down my tongue. I then take his swollen glans into my mouth and suck on him like the obedient filthy bitch I am (lol). Swirling my tongue against his pulsing cock. Encouraged to service this cock by his girlfriend’s urging. Tactile and verbal, delightfully intimate and guttural. Eager for me to taste his cum, me eager for and the large cock now pistoning in and out of me from behind. Am I just your plaything? A willing series of holes for you to fuck and fill with your hot spurts of pleasure? Is that what you want to use me for? To leave me dripping with your cum?

Standing behind them, another male. Between the seats I see him unzip the front of his trousers, releasing another already erect cock. What would you have him do with it? Is there room for him in me? Room for him sliding against your hardness inside me? Would you like to see a second cock sliding against you? Into me, helping you to stretch and fill me?

I know you are watching your shaft slide in there, wet with my pleasure. I know how much you love that view. How much the sight of your own glistening shaft sliding out of my sopping wet sex turns you on. My lips unwilling to let you go, reluctantly releasing as you withdraw. Needing you inside me again!

You should you take a video of your lovely glistening shaft as it slides out of my wet pussy. Or me sucking this other cock, from your view. So that I can see it again too. Would I see myself or a stranger sucking that cock? Would I care, at least I could wank over it later.

I gasp as I feel lips on my bum, a tongue licking my buttocks. rapidly travelling towards the cleft in my arse as your cock begins to piston in and out of me faster and faster. That textured muscle teasing and probing my arse as your cock pumps in and out of me, your balls slapping heavily against my mons from below. Cock filling me. Swelling. Feeling you exploding inside me. My muscles contracting. The hardness in my mouth swelling, making me gag with its owner’s enthusiasm. Feeling myself tremble with my own pleasure. My mouth filling salty heat. My body tensed then limp with my surges of pleasure. Lost in my own sensations.

Lips on mine, eager sharing kisses. Her eyes melting me. A crowd of watching faces around me in the comfortable darkness. I don’t think I’m done yet…

Ag x

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