Tabitha’s Fantasy

Tabitha sank into the soft cotton warmth of their bed, enveloped in the flickering half-light of a single candle. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of sandalwood.

She could hear him in the shower, imagined him washing himself for her. He has promised her tonight, and he will. Tabitha knows he will. She tingles with anticipation. Finding it hard to resist reaching down and touching herself.

Feeling the movement of his presence on the bed. The smell of his clean skin.

His skin against hers, his manly kisses devouring her mouth.

His lips releasing hers. Their warmth appearing on her breasts, her aching nipples. His fingers pinching her, making her gasp. His kisses moving down her body, seeking her blossoming heat.

A touch of his warmth on her thigh. His lips kissing the softness of her inner thigh, moving up, making her stomach flutter.

He kisses her there, and she exhales with a tremble; a long languid lick making her breathing quicken. His mouth devouring her wetness. the sensation of his rough masculinity adding to the pleasure. His tongue outlining her delicate petals, lapping at her nub of pleasure. Tabitha feels the pleasure rise within her.

Would it be different with a soft woman’s face buried against her?

His masculine enthusiasm delving into her, coaxing her swirling climax forth. Withdrawing, licking, plunging.

The movement of weight on the bed next to Tabitha’s shoulder; an unfamiliar perfume. The feel of a firm feminine hand taking hers as a maidenly form looms above her. A half-familiar smile encouraging her, the squeeze of the hand around hers. Tabitha aware of sizeable soft breasts swaying near her face; her stomach fluttering with a building sensation.

Feeling lips against her own as the beautiful sensation of swirling warmth builds from her pussy.

The sensation of lips on her breasts, having her nipples licked and suckled in turn. Sensations shooting between her nipples and the oral ministrations of her aching pussy.

OMG is she rubbing her breasts against mine?! So soft and warm! Her huge nipples catching against and flicking Tabitha’s with little swirling sparks of pleasure.

The tongue flicking at her clitoris, eliciting a shuddering wash of tingling colour through Tabitha.

As she regains her breath Tabitha sees him looking up at her with a smile from between her thighs. Pulling him upwards she kisses him deeply. Tasting her own sex from his lips. Wondering what another woman’s – what Agatha’s – juices might taste like… What it might feel like to kiss that sapphic delight, use her tongue to…

Tabitha pushes him into his back. He smiles up at her. She knows what he wants, what he likes.

She looks down, encouraged to see how hard licking her has made him. She clasps his hardness and feels it pulse in her grip.

Tabitha kisses him once more before repositioning herself to lower her head to his erection. She knows he watches, knows he enjoys watcher her blow him. Taking him in her mouth Tabitha reckons he’s bigger than ever tonight, and still feels him grow and stiffen further against her tongue. She licks at his shaft, from his balls to the swollen head. Tabitha laps at him. He likes watching this, she knows this and makes a show of it.

Sliding the tip of his cock into her mouth Tabitha bobs her head up and down on the tip of his manhood. Would he like it if she forced herself down all the way until his cock made her gag? Using her hand she begins to pump her fist up and down in time to the movement of her mouth. Wanking him into the heat of her mouth.

Using her free hand, Tabitha explores her own well lubricated pussy. Playing with herself, needing to feel pleasure of his – of Agatha’s – tongue again. Feeling her fingers slippery with her own pleasure.

Reaching back up Tabitha cups his balls with her slippery fingers. Pulling on his heavy balls, squeezing them in cruel pulses.

Sliding her fingers further down, teasing his ass. Did I feel him get bigger in my mouth there? Should I use the tip of my finger to…?

Balancing carefully, pumping his cock into her mouth, Tabitha’s other fingers return to play with herself. Caressing her clit, sliding easily through her arousal. Enjoying feeling just how easily two of them slid inside her tonight.

Imagining it’s her fingers. It IS Agatha’s fingers sliding in and out of her; stretching her. Two easily, OMG! Her fingers are bigger than mine! Now three OMG!

Tabitha gasps around the cock as another slippery finger begins to caress her ass. It tingles through to her nipples. Sliding across and teasing her tight little hole as other fingers slide in and out of her stretched wet heat. The exquisite pleasure of it pressing against her ass hole, wanting to enter her.

For once doing what she’s been told to do; relaxing. Feeling the tip of it ease into her ass, those other fingers plunging so freely deep inside her; fucking her. The digit sliding deeper into her.

Feeling that hardness in her ass and the swelling cock in her mouth. Being fucked, having her mouth fucked. Having her holes filled. Feeling exquisitely used. Feeling the cock swell in her mouth as sensation shudders though Tabitha. Her ass, nipples and pussy all pulsing together – connected in a swirling circuit of delicious pleasure. His taste. FUCK!!! Feeling her arse pulse around the hardness and her sex grasp at those fingers. Is this what it’s like to be with two lovers?

The cotton feels damp under Tabitha. The candle flickers.

Just the two of them lying together in their warmth.

Tabitha smiling, aware of the smudged lipstick around her nipples.

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