Glimpse of Corsets, Tutus, Fishnet and Rope

Glasgow city-centre was too hot. Who suggested we wear corsets today? I love the tight grip of mine. To be fair, I do love the enclosure of any body-hugging designs with that in mind – or things wrapped tightly around me. Though perhaps my favourite burlesque attire was too tight and heavy for that heat, my own skin warmly damp. Yours both also glistened lightly with your heat. I didn’t think either of you had used glittery body lotion. The sheen of your skin had its own allure for me.

Aside from being a regular Friday haunt and the music was good, the three of us found ourselves in ‘that bar’ on the grounds that it was ‘out of the sun and served cold drinks.’ A low bar admittedly – any excuse.


We stayed well beyond the point where the outside temperature was uncomfortably warm. Though we did generate our own heat. Was it as simple as a dare fuelled by the early start to drinking and the day’s heat?  Or heated animal magnetism and surging chemicals triggered by the heat that started it. The heat certainly played a part. Perhaps the cold drinks warmed us too.


It might have started with subtle, and not so subtle, innuendos but moved rapidly to blatant flirting. I watched, intrigued as matters escalated. Knowing you both. Amused by the knowledge that neither of you would back down. Something neither of you believed about the other.


There was no way either of you were going to refuse the dare. A pinch. A flash. A squeeze. A blatant trip to the gents to the vocal reception of those holding themselves. A kiss. Another squeeze. A more daring flash.


The kissing in a dark corner at the back of the bar seemed inevitable. I was mesmerised watching your lips mesh and slide together. Eating at a hunger that ate back. Lost in that delicious movement. I encouraged you. You teased me too. I watched.


I watch her sliding her fingertips up the inside of your nearest thigh. Scarlet fingernails against fishnet. The look on her face telling me she was trying to shock you. The look on your face told me you knew and were daring her higher. Waiting smug with your own ‘surprise’.


Sliding fingers at last under the black tutu. A pause as she moves higher. Perhaps confused why you haven’t backed down.


Then the look on her face. The surprise. Your smile. She’s felt your warmth. The torn gusset of your fishnet tights. I smile too. The thought of her touching you in public. The look on both your faces as she lingers. Is she lingering? Or is she going further? Your smile tells me.


I feel my own heat about to explode. Not here.


I lead the two of you out the back door. Perhaps I’m taking you both for a smoke. But we’re in a dimly lit bedroom. The closer I look the more it appears to be our bedroom. Four-poster stood in the middle surrounded by fur rugs.

I have tied you side by side on the bed’s surface. I walk around the bed. Around you both, slowly tracing my fingers across you skin. Pausing to linger on your breasts, her neck. The softness of her stomach down to the soft pelt of her pubis. I use my other hand to contrast your textures. Both your warmths open to me.


I wonder, and imagine, that I’ve tied you together. That in doing so you could continue to kiss. That you should continue your own explorations. Your bodies swirl together, closing and opening, expressing unbound unconstrained passion. I revel in my voyeurism. 


You seem to have agreed to kneel side by side on the bed. On all fours. With your backs, or rather your naked ass cheeks towards me. I draw my gaze away from these beautiful curves. I watch you kiss again. Not quite convinced this is for my benefit.


“Have we been naughty enough? Are we turning you on yet?” I’m not sure who’s voice this is as you both appear to be speaking. My hands on the softness of your enticingly presented ass-cheeks.


I’m kissing your bum cheeks. Your kissing encourages me to explore them with my tongue. Taking that softness into my mouth. Biting. Gently at first.


I’m slapping your lovely buttocks. Alternating recipient and cheeks. You are still kissing. Releasing gasps of contact.


I’m kissing your bum cheeks again. Feeling my fingers again hot and slippery as I explore. My own arousal shortening my breath.


You throw more lengths of rope from the bed towards me. You both turn and kneel now. Your gorgeous boobs free and exposed. I watch their alluring weight sway, pendulous.


I loop the rope around you. Then her. I continue winding, hitching and looping. The tightness constricting, engorging and colouring your beautiful boobs. Their surface taught smooth as I trace my hand across them.


My fingers take hold of your engorged nipples. I feel your hands on my breasts. My own nipples being pulled. Squeezed. Fingers exploring, filling me.

One thought on “Glimpse of Corsets, Tutus, Fishnet and Rope

  1. I’ve never worn a cosette, but there is something so intriguing and alluring about the idea of wearing one.


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