Forrest Walk

img_4417I have fantasised about a number of ways to photograph you outside after seeing the pictures you’ve shared. Is it strange that I’ve also fantasised about how the experience might change me… I imagine you zipping up a pair of knee-high patent docs, photographing you in them. With you sprawled in the undergrowth. Your thighs parted on my instructions to expose yourself both to my gaze and my phone. Your knickers pulled up tight into your cunt. My phone capturing a new image for tweeter. A new header, so that everyone who sees my header sees you in those boots with your legs splayed wide open…




I know from our conversations that you’ve ‘a certain enthusiasm’ for me dominating and ‘using’ you sexually. How much it excites you, and I do so want to explore how much this turns you on. For you to be ordered what to do, used and treated like a sexual plaything. To be humiliated?


Does being ‘made’ to do bad things make them easier to accept? A Mistress, or master, treating you as their ‘slutty little sex slave’? You’re not naughty if you’re made to do those very, very dirty things?


I might wish, insist on, no, order you to going out naked under that long coat you have. Would the potential for being exposed make you feel naughty, the potential for humiliation as a plaything for your Mistress?


I imagine taking you to the cinema in just a long coat, stockings and heels. I don’t think anyone is looking Ella Jane. Can you feel my fingers slipping into your pussy on the back row of the ‘picture house’? My fingers discovering just how excited you get at being touched in public… mmm, I’d love that! Coving your mouth as I make you come… Tasting you slick on my fingers… Frigging your pussy until you come in a carpark, making you squirt in my car… or in a dark booth at the back of the club as the bass pulses though us…


Would you like to see me dressed smartly in business attire, perhaps ‘power-dressing’ in one of my tailored blouses and formal skirt-suit. Perhaps I could leave a few of the buttons undone? Can you imagine me playing with you? But that’s an ‘indoors fantasy’, isn’t it? Can you see me standing over you with my suit-skirt hoisted up? Or can you imagine us down some alleyway behind a bar? Holding the back of your head as you kneel in front of me. Encouraging you to devour my sex with that naughty little mouth of yours…


How would you imagine me dressed as I take you for a walk in the country, or down to the woods? My naughty little ‘sex slave’ Ella Jane, would I have you on a lead? Would I have on riding boots and jodhpurs under a tweed jacket, or just my favourite bike-boots, skin-tight PVC leggings and breast-hugging black t-shirt? Would I bother to hide under one of my long black coats or my bike jacket? No, I’m not giving you the choice over what I’m wearing, so that will have to do for now. But I’m intrigued as to how you imagine me… Tell me?


Would I insist that you wear something that you don’t mind losing again? Like at my ‘little gathering’ in the last story. Something where the fabric is light and will tear, or cut, easily… so that black vest-top will do just nicely today. It gaps nicely at the side. Or is that side-boob exposure too revealing? Tough – I’m dressing you! I don’t care if you feel exposed in it… or perhaps I do, and I like it! Perhaps you would feel more comfortable in a lovely blue summer dress and walking shoes? But remember, this isn’t about your comfort Ella Jane. It’s about your discomfort, your humiliation, and my pleasure.


If I make you to put knickers on it’s only some token gesture so that I can cut them off of you once I have you where I want you. Though my choice of underwear for you, that miniscule lace thong, does very little to cover your modesty. I take hold of the thin strands of fabric at your hips and pull upwards, just beyond gently. Can you feel the lace quickly ride up, pulling against your sex? Then harder. The fabric up harshly against your pussy. Does it feel like rope, digging into you intimately?


Rope? Tightly binding you. Helpless… at my mercy… I could do anything to you, couldn’t I?


You might have noticed my liking for fishnet. You’ll appreciate that I need to see your body wrapped in it, and that delicate pattern that it leaves on your soft skin afterwards. The texture of your skin as my finger-tips trace across it… So “pull on those fishnet holdups I want you in before we go out…”


I know that you might not normally dress like this, but I want to see you playing MY fantasy. I want to have you as you are in that photograph. I want to see the tops of your stockings and your lovely bum under the hem of the white coat, or when the breeze tugs at it. Would you play the dirty little Slut for me again? Be mine, and just let me do what I want with you? To you?


I’ve heard it said that a nice pair of heels make a lady. Well, I’m insisting on that pair of inappropriately high stiletto heels. But not because I want to make you a lady; no, most definitely not. Perhaps another day. If you’re good, I’ll treat you. We could go to the ball we talked about…


Don’t worry, today I’ll walk you slowly. It’ll give me more time for me to take you in. More time for you ponder my wicked purpose. More time for you to image what I might have planned for you.


Just to remind you that today I own you, I present you again with your polished steel collar. The d-ring clinks against the solid mirrored circle. I remind you that you are going to be wearing it again for me. There’s no ambiguity, you’re going to be ‘my bitch’ this afternoon. You’ll do what I want. What I tell you. I close the hinged halves around your neck, and it locks there securely.


The weight of the cold steel feel around your neck feels good, doesn’t it Ella Jane? You know your place, and you look so hot in it. You belong to your Mistress. You are mine.


It might not be cold outside, but I tell you to put on your white raincoat once you’ve stepped into your heels.


Is it humiliating to sit in the car next to me knowing how little you’re wearing under that barely concealing coat as I drive you to some undisclosed location? Perhaps I should just have made you put the coat on with heels before I drove you across the county. Then it would have been much easier to reach over as we wait at lights and slide my left hand down between your thighs… Open your coat now ‘Slut’. Let the other drivers catch a glimpse – or more – of you…


A short drive later I pull the car into a forestry car-park. I turn to face you, feeling my own excitement in my breathing, your cheeks slightly flushed with yours. Aware of the movement of coloured tops around the car to our left. Am I really going to expose you in public? But we wait eyes locked – daring? …until the couple with the dog scamper off up the main trail. Only then do I speak again. “You are mine, to do with and use as I please. Remember that!”


You nod, and I lean across you and secure your hands together in front of you with a ratcheting series of clicks. You look down at the handcuffs, missing my next movement as I attach a light polished steel chain to your collar and then clip it to the connecting chain on the cuffs. I tug on the chain, just to let you know it’s securely fastened.


Smiling at you, I get out of the car and walk round to open the passenger door. But this is for my convenience rather than polite behaviour. You see me standing there holding a steel chain dog-lead, offering no protestation as I also clip this to your collar. I guide you carefully out of the car with the lead.


I’m taking you for a walk; lead you along the forest path, taking side tracks and firebreaks deep into the woods, looking for a quiet, suitable place for what I have in mind. I walk you slowly, mindful of your heels. Pausing occasionally to take pictures of you; instructing you to open your coat for me – “Flash me Ella Jane!”


Obediently you open the coat and take a series of pictures. The vest-top does little to contain your wonderful breasts. The chance of ‘accidental’ exposure, an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction? But I want more. You know I do. I think your boobs look amazing. I think more people should see them. Whether you want to or not. After all, you’re mine to do with whatever I please. Would that be embarrassing? Would you consider that humiliating Ella Jane?


I tug the flimsy fabric to the middle, from the left and right, and your lovely breasts escape from their flimsy hiding place. Yes, I do like having you fully expose your lovely tits. Too slutty? Perhaps I should expose more of you? Remove your white raincoat and lead you almost naked through the forest? Rip that thong off? Have you naked, for my pleasure, your humiliation. What if someone should see us – see you? Is that what excites me as well? I love having you obey my orders – the power you give me over you – it definitely excites me so much my little ‘Slut’!


We come to a crossroads. The lead allows me to step out from the treeline and look both ways. The couple down the path are far enough away, I think. We might be a strange sight, definitely not dressed for walking, with you on a lead behind me but I doubt if they’ll notice much from that distance. Perhaps… I tug you forward into view. The small exclamation that escapes from you excites me. Your discomfort? Your pace increases. I parade you across the path as slowly as I dare. My heart is racing with the excitement. I look back. The couple have stopped and are staring wide-eyed. Yes, I think they saw you! Did they see your exposed tits as you crossed the path? I wonder what they are thinking? Perhaps they’ll follow us Ella?


I lead you further. The path curves, out of sight of the crossroads. I turn to the right up a well cleared fire-break, leading you firmly along after me. The dried roots catching my boots, aware that the same obstacles are likely more of a hinderance to you. Pressing on despite that. You need to know who your Mistress is!


The trees open up around us, giving way to younger growth. There is an old beech tree at the far side of a clearing, the space filled by circle of thick log sections. Raised at each end on smaller logs and arranged around, what was probably a later addition, a shallow blackened fire-pit. The logs’ dark-polished upper surfaces betraying their popularity with picnickers over a number of summers. You feel me leading you to a patch of hard packed earth within the circle of benches. A rural auditorium for the little show I’m about to put on with you…


Would it concern you if you realised that those walkers back at the crossroads had caught up with us? That a small anonymous crowd had entered our auditorium and seated themselves around you as I tied you to one of the logs? Feeling them leering at your helpless, exposed body. Reaching out…


You stand there, smiling, waiting for your next instruction. I tell you to ‘stay’ and set up the video camera on a tripod. I want to watch this again afterwards once I’m back home.


Returning to your side, I kiss you, the warmth of my lips lingering gently against yours. The metal ratchet accompanies a release of pressure on your wrists. You feel the metal hoops swing against your belly, still attached by a chain to your collar. I kiss you again and use the release of your wrists to remove your coat, tossing it over one of the log benches.


The handcuffs fall with a clatter to the hard-packed earth.


I break our kiss and step back. I can’t take my eyes off you, waiting, not patiently, perhaps a little uncomfortable despite my reassuring presence. What if someone stumbles across us as you’re tied up being ‘used’? Would it lead to outraged verbal rebuke and humiliation, or someone standing just out of sight masturbating as they watch you, us? Would you be able to see them standing behind my back wanking themselves off at the sight of you?


You know to stop me with our agreed colours of this gets too much for you, too humiliating; Safe, Sane and Consensual; tell me ‘red’ if you need to.


The Mistress gazes down at her slut. If she didn’t before, she knows after you agreed to wear your ‘SLUT’ shirt. I know you like being your Mistress’s plaything. Your desire to be humiliated and used…


“Right now – I want to see your lovely tits Ella. Lift your shirt for me, flash me your tits!” You obey.


“That’s it Ella, does it feel good to do what you’re told no matter how naughty it is? To expose yourself. I’m sure you would do anything your Mistress ordered you to today. No matter how filthy and debasing… no, I know you would…


You hinted to me once that the idea of having your clothes and underwear ripped or cut off you was arousing. Well, that’s why I’ve dressed you in cheap disposable clothes today rather than enjoying the obvious pleasures of having you virtually naked and at my disposal under your long coat.


I produce a sharp looking knife and order you to stand still, take hold of your right nipple through the fabric. You feel the pull on that sensitive distended nub, before it squeezes from my grip to leave me holding only fabric. You release a breath you didn’t even realise you were holding and hear rather than feel the ‘rip’ of the thin cotton as I cut a slit in the front of the t-shirt to expose your right breast. Your exposed nipple is beautifully erect and demands to be pulled on. I can’t resist playing with you, teasing that distended rosy flesh, before repeating the process with your left nipple and baring that breast. You do look dirty with your shirt slashed open and your tits exposed. How do you think you’ll look on camera? Will we watch it together later?


Placing my hands on your upper thighs just above the tops of your hold-ups, I hitch up the mini skirt and stepping back, admire how the small lace thong has ridden up into your cunt. Reaching down you feel my fingers briefly probe the fabric of your gusset. Too briefly for you; I know you want to feel something inside you. Instead I look straight into your eyes, take hold of the upper edge of the fabric at the front and begin to pull slowly upwards. The expression on your face is my reward, and I only relent when I hear a slight tearing of the fabric. But this gives me inspiration. I take hold of the fabric between the two vertical slits at the front of your shirt and pull. My reward this time a much louder ‘rip’ and having your beautiful tits completely exposed to me. To anyone who could be watching… It’s just too easy to reach out and slap both your tits in turn, eliciting loud gasps. I feel myself getting very aroused by your humiliation Ella…


Perhaps I should use the knife to open up the front of your tiny knickers, to feel your cunt through the gaping tear I make; cut them from you and stuff them into your mouth to make sure you don’t make too much noise and attract unwanted attention. But right at the moment I have a better use for my slut’s mouth.


I order you to kneel. Do you know what I want to see you do to, don’t you? I wish I had a big hard cock for you Ella. I would love to watch you having your mouth fucked brutally, making you gag and wet yourself. I want you to feel your piss soaking that tiny thong of panty fabric and running down your thighs with the humiliation of being used as a fuck toy. Perhaps I should have kept you helpless and cuffed, but I want you to be able to support yourself for what comes next.


You gaze up at me, waiting obediently, as I peel down my tight leggings to the tops of my boots. Feet shuffled apart as far as the far as the stretchy fabric will allow. My nether lips already swollen and obviously protruding with my arousal at this little scenario, how you’re dressed, and the thought of what I’m about to do to you. I run my fingers up through the moist heat between my lips, inches from your face.


I decide that my naughty Ella needs to smell of her Mistress; and I release a warm golden torrent across your face, neck and exposed tits. “Hold your tits up to me Ella!” My hot fluids splashing across you as I empty my bladder in a humiliating golden shower. “…Squeeze them for me Slut!”

Ordering you to open your mouth. I want you to drink my piss as I’ve fantasised about drinking yours when we’ve talked about you squirted into my mouth. Spraying your face and neck before the warm jet returns to play across your tits. The sight of you being pissed-on heightens my arousal further. I decide you’ve had enough, for now. I’ve marked my territory – you are mine. Though your tits look particularly alluring slick with my fluids. Does it turn you on being used, humiliated, pissed-on by your Mistress? Is your cunt just wet from my piss that’s run down there or is my dirty little Ella wet with her own juices?


I tell you to suck my already aroused cunt clean. You respond enthusiastically, licking and lapping at my sex like a dirty little Slut – good girl. You can feel and taste how turned-on I am; feel that arousal growing, blossoming, opening up to your eager attentions.


You feel withdraw myself from your mouth as I reach down and kiss you, tasting my sex and piss from your lips, caressing your beautiful slippery pissed-on tits before cruelly tugging on those gorgeous rosy nipples. Pulling them both forwards and shaking them. Feeling my own now cold fluids splash my arms.


You don’t know where the rope appears from, but your arms are being pinned behind your back; soft lengths firmly binding your wrists there together, rendering you helpless.


You see me take something large and black from my bag. You watch as I strap into a black studded harness, and then attach a huge black phallus. I stand grinning wickedly, stroking its massive length above you.


Your Mistress wants to fuck your mouth hard, to make you gag and piss yourself. Your Mistress wants to humiliate her slut, for you to feel your piss running down your thighs. Perhaps your Mistress should have kept you helpless and cuffed, rather than allow you to support yourself as he fucks your mouth. Your Mistress wants you to feel helpless as she uses you, to make you wet yourself…


Is you Mistress too harsh as he begins to slide her hard cock in and out of your mouth, using it – you -as a fuck hole? Is she fantasising about being some callous man? Some stranger filling your beautiful mouth with her big dirty cock, fucking your mouth. Filling your mouth with each cruel thrust and making you gag wetly. Taking pleasure in your discomfort. Relishing your gagging response, the delightful wet slurp each time I withdraw. Wishing I could feel you mouth, your throat, around my rubber substitute. Your wide gaze just encouraging me to use you more, to ‘fuck’ your mouth harder. Aware of the puddle between your thighs.


There is something incredibly exciting about just using you Ella Jane; seeing you having your mouth used as a mere fuck-hole. I do love MY obedient little Slut!


Perhaps I should have left your hands free? Or do you like the feeling of being used? Am I going to make you gag? Would you prefer to feel hot cum spurt into your mouth, or the spray of spunk all over my dirty whore’s face and tits? Do you like the feeling as ‘he’ wanks myself off into your mouth? Sharing a large dose of spunk with you? Spurt after spurt of it jerks into your waiting mouth. Too much for you to swallow it all. But you know he doesn’t want you to swallow it. He wants to see a full mouth of spunk Slut. Taking hold of your chin I reach down and kiss you deeply, wishing I could taste a mouthful of his spunk and share it between our tongues.


You feel your wrists being untied and my arms lifting you from your kneeling position. Should I have done this earlier? Encouraging you to feel my bum, to use your fingers freely to squeeze and probe me from behind as I fucked your mouth with the outsized dildo?


But I’m not finished with you Ella Jane. Not by any means are we finished!


I lead you over to the nearest log bench and positioned to sit you down on its smoothly polished surface. You are told to lift your leg over and straddle the solid bench, before I lower you backwards so that you are laying, facing upwards along the smooth wooden length. You feel your thighs being parted and realise that I have positioned you so that the camera has the best view of your pussy.


My strong hands position your arms together under the bench. It was just a brief reprieve. You again feel the length of rope winding around your wrists, binding you to the solid wooden plinth. My fingers stroking up along your inner thighs, stopping infuriatingly close to your pussy…


Instead you feel the lace thong being pulled up tighter into your pussy; tugged on and tugged again, lulling you pleasurably before a sharp slap takes your breath away. Your Mistress is now standing over you with the knife and you watch as she reaches down and takes hold of the fabric of your knickers. That jerking tearing sound as you feel me use the sharp blade to tear open the front of your tiny knickers; feeling me explore the gaping tear with my index finger… again, my attention too brief. A pause, the tension goes from the right side, then the left side of the thong. You feel strangely naked and exposed, covered only in shards of fabric, before these too are pulled from your body. My fingers caress your shoulder and jawline before they part your lips and you feel the fabric laced with your juices being thrust into your mouth. How does that feel?


We have this urge to pee after we’ve cum and your Mistress is no different. You feel me standing straddled the bench between your calves, my legs parting yours as I shuffle deliberately along the bench. I am now standing between your parted thighs, my fingers hoping to give some direction to my next effort to humiliate you Ella Jane. I reach down with my free hand and part your labia, examining the moist pink blossom that opens for me with approval. I found it a huge turn-on when you told me your fantasy of having your cunt pissed on. I want you to feel me pissing down on you now. My first attempts splash across your belly and my hand, but I soon find my mark and you feel my warm fluids spray across and then into your splayed open cunt. Playing the warm jet across your pierced clit hood before returning to pissing into your gaping cunt hole. I am so aroused writing about this, finding it more exciting than I’d imagined as I played with myself at home. Perhaps if you’re good you stand over me and piss on your Mistress… fill my mouth with your hot fluids. I’ll gulp you down willingly.


You feel me step over you. I imagine Lux turning your head towards him and rubbing his sticky cock against your face, his member swelling up against your cheeks and mouth. Pulling the fabric gag from your mouth he encourages you to turn your head towards his groin and thrusts his cock punitively into your mouth. You take it. Ella Jane you are the sexiest-fuckin-cock-sucker I have ever watched! And I do love watching Lux fuck – a woman’s mouth, a man’s mouth, any hole. Hard and fast. My little reminiscence just turns me on even more…


I reach down and run my hand over your delightfully slippery pussy. The wet slap surprises you and I feel you gag around my rubber cock in response. My fingers slide easily into your piss-soaked cunt, resting there briefly. Then curling up to press against your textured g-spot, and beginning to finger fuck you as hard as I can from this angle. After all, I’m not going to let my strap-on fall out of your beautifully talented mouth! My efforts are quickly rewarded as you begin to gag on my fake cock, and I feel you clamp around my fingers shuddering, my hand soaked by a beautiful stream of your juices.


You feel me pause before I redouble my efforts and again feel your body squeeze and pulse around me as you squirt up my arm. Moving my attentions to your clit hood, I gently massage my fingers back and forth, teasing your piercing before speeding up and making you cum again.


Now for the next part of my plan; I need to frig you from a better angle. I’m not sure if you are fully aware as I produce extra length of rope, casting it up towards a strong overhanging branch. You feel the binding released from your wrists again, only to be replaced with a coil of the heavier length dangling from the branch. The coil winds deliberately and tightly up both of your forearms before your arms are hoisted above your head and you feel yourself drawn upwards, the binding taking your weight. Now you really are at my mercy sister…


Should I put a blindfold on you, and let you imagine the circle of men around you, wanking themselves off over your helpless bound body? Is that the exposure and humiliation you desire Ella Jane? Their hands reaching out to touch…


You are completely helpless. At my mercy. Mine, to do with as I please.


The first slap stings your left breast. Little echoes of heat. Another takes you right breast. Another on you left, harder. Them more, alternating, hardly allowing the sensation to subside before the next. Breathless. Then your thighs, left, right, outside and inside; then back to your already pink tits.


You feel yourself being turned away from me. Then the sting across your arse cheeks. Another, much harder. Then a pause. Waiting…


Then a sharp, harsh sting that makes you scream out! The echoing sensation – again and again. Not a hand anymore, something sharp, hard and much crueller. The sensation wells up inside you. The pulses of heat. Something connecting, filling, every sensual zone in your body. Higher and higher. Again and again. That scream, it’s yours. Wondering why I’ve stopped….


You feel the rope being pulled tighter, stretching you upwards and your tits out towards me. You feel me bite you. Shoulder, arm, marking you as mine. I reach down and lick my own piss off your gorgeous tits, biting your tender softness, teasing your fabulous nipples. Biting harder. You are mine Ella jane. At the same time you feel my hand moving between your thighs, probing between your already swollen labia, sliding easily inside you. You feel my fingers curl round and work their way back and forth. The tips of my fingers pulsing against your g-spot, generating a building wave of pleasure. You give yourself over to absolute pleasure and allow yourself to hand there. You soak my hand with your fluids and I pause to lick my fingers, wiping them between your lips.


Returning to my pleasure I reinsert my fingers and begin pumping them in and out of your delightfully slippery cunt, frigging you unmercifully until I feel you cum against my hand again… and again, and again…




You realise that you are in my arms, wrapped in a fleece blanket. I am holding you tightly telling you that you will be ok, that it will all be ok, I’m here for you, to look after you…



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