Scarlett’s Surprise Rendezvous

Half reading in the park, half following the fluffy white clouds across the sky, the day drifts by. Surrounded by green, Scarlett almost forgets where she is. Warmth of the sun on her skin and the erotic distractions playing through her thoughts. Only the distant hum of traffic that seeps into the royal park pierces the illusion of the secluded corner she chose to relax in. The plan had been to whisk round the galleries and museums of the capital on her solo away day treat in London but the last few weeks have left her exhausted. She remembers his words before he saw her off on the train south. “Be gentle with yourself, don’t push yourself too hard love. It’s a day to relax and do what you need, not what you feel you should be doing.” It’s ok, I have his permission…

Scarlett’s chosen spot in the park turns out to be a perfect sun trap for her. The privacy from the large open public spaces created by two lines of trees, but still cooled by the summer breeze that carries those muffled city sounds to her. Scarlett chastises herself lightly for the lack of sun protection, but she hadn’t been expecting such hot weather down south.

With the day’s heat Scarlett is glad to have been able to shower change at the hotel. The light top she chose not only lets her takes the sun but shows off her lovely full breasts. Heels and her short kilt complete the relaxing ensemble. Yes, there really was no need to break tradition and wear knickers. Besides, the light breeze felt lovely on her. Cooling a little of the simmering excitement as she consumed the erotica novel and exchanged DMs with her naughty lesbian friend. If she wasn’t straight… this woman had certainly awoken her Bi’ side! It’s ok to flirt, isn’t it? After all they’re never going to meet… The breeze picked up and Scarlett became more aware of its cooling caress of her nether regions. And there’s something so incredibly exciting about being so close to being exposed in such a public place. Scarlett was sure passers-by could see her hard nipples through her vest top. Just how naughty would it be to let her skirt ride up? Pretend the breeze had caught it and she hadn’t noticed? Passers-by might catch a glimpse of her private place… Scarlett found her body reacting pleasurably to that thought. Feeling so hot despite her lack of clothes; no because of…

Is there something wrong with being so turned on in such a public place? To close your eyes, and just imagine that attractive stranger seeing you almost naked. For them to actually catch a glimpse of your sex? Of them being close enough to see just how excited you are? And not just by how hard your nipples have become, that close. Standing there watching you. Not walking away when your hand goes up to respond to the ache of your nipples, to squeeze your breast…

Scarlett loves the idea of being watched, it feels extra naughty and she loves feeling naughty.

Strangers looking over at her as they walk past on the path just beyond the trees; the odd smile as they walk on by, perhaps taking her with them in their thoughts. Was it her beautifully dreamy smile, her lovely big boobs in the skimpy top, or could they even see up her short skirt? Sometimes she thought of herself as shy, such a baby, but she knew she turned men’s heads and the thought excited her. Scarlett knew she had an exhibitionist streak that sadly she rarely got the chance to explore. On her knees in the car-park with him in her mouth; another time naked together in the woods, the bark of the tree burning her back as he had her roughly. The excitement for her, the chance of being seen, of being watched. She knew of people who met in secluded car-parks at night to have sex in front of, and sometimes with strangers. The thought of this public exposure excited Scarlett, purely as a fantasy, but she had never had the courage to suggest it to him.

Imagining the young man walking his dog, stopping, taking a more obvious interest. He’s mesmerised by what she’s doing, watching her. Imagining it’s his fingers squeezing her breasts; tugging on her nipples; feeling how wet she is. How big, fat and hard his cock is. He’s showing it to her, stroking it. How it feels in her grip as she pleasures herself with her other hand. How does it taste? The feel of it against her lips. His fingers replacing hers down there. Fingers sliding easily inside her. Feeling his hardness against her lips, feeling him push into her mouth. Tasting his salty arousal. Enjoying his fingers moving faster inside her. Feeling her climax rising, rapidly approaching; crashing through her, leaving her shaken.

It is just her.

Or is it?

Two women in 50’s sundresses are watching her, hand in hand under the nearest trees. Both sport scarlet smiles, which widen with apparent glee when they realise Scarlett has seen them. The taller one wears her silver hair short and spiked, tattoos adorning her bare arms and legs. Her companion shoulder length blonde locks, with a collection of piercings to compliment her own eye-catching ink-work.

Striding towards her, the taller one addresses Scarlett in a soft Scottish accent, “It’s a nice spot here, our favourite too. Don’t mind if we join you?”

Still unsure of how to react, but surprisingly not feeling at all threaten by the women’s appearance, Scarlett responds with her own alluring smile, “please do.”

Surprising herself slightly at the warmth of her response to the woman. Something about her, about them. It wasn’t as if they were old friends, or a guy she was trying to pick up… though they were very warm and friendly. And both are attractive women in a slightly mature, alternative pin-up fashion… nicely curvy…

“Lovely, we’ll just set up next to you then,” unfurling a red towel right next to Scarlett and adding, “I’m Agatha, this is -”

“Danni,” the blonde interrupts with a grin, Scarlett’s thoughts slightly distracted as ‘Danni’ begins to shimmy out of her sundress. “Nice and private here, isn’t it?”

Scarlett finds herself unable to take her eyes of Danni as the woman slips out of her panties and reaches behind to unclip her bra. Realising that the woman is still staring at her with an amused smile. Scarlett feels her cheeks colour. Danni’s boobs swing free and Scarlett finds it difficult to take her eyes off them. Imagining how they would feel pressed against her. Their softness pressing against her own… The woman is still smiling at her. Scarlett feels herself bite her lip. Is that sending the wrong message? Or is it the right message? Should she even be sending a message?

Scarlett realises that Agatha has also shed her clothes and is kneeling next to her completely naked applying sun cream to herself! Scarlett finds the nearness of this self-assured, uninhibited woman sliding over her soft skin surprisingly erotic. She feels her body reacting.

“Sorry we interrupted you, we hope we didn’t spoil your wank?” Agatha asks. “It’s just you looked so delicious lying there with your hand between your thighs. You looked yummy – hell, you LOOK yummy!!”

“Can we make it up to you? You don’t have any sun cream on, do you?

Surprising herself, Scarlett can feel herself tingle.

Agatha pushes Scarlett back flat. That wicked smile. “It’s private enough here…”

Before she realises what’s happening Agatha has helped her out of the few clothes she’s wearing and is applying sun cream to her shoulders.

“Lie face down Scarlett.” Soft but insistent; not a request. Uncharacteristically, Scarlett did as she was told.

Those hands running smoothly up and down her back; circling her shoulders. Across the small of her back, sliding up her sides, brushing the sides of her breasts. Firmly down her arms, and away… Starting at her ankles, sliding firmly up her calves, caressing her thighs. Moving on to her buttocks, circling. Scarlett feeling herself part with each circling movement of Agatha’s hands, feeling herself tingle, exposed.

The oh too briefly those fingers delving between her soft buttocks. Touching her warmth. Making Scarlett gasp with the pleasure. Gone too quickly.

OMG the softness of her boobs sliding up my back – Scarlett can feel herself squirm…

“Turn over!” Again, this is not a request.

“You have beautiful boobs Scarlett – omg those nipples need sucking!” A mischievous smile, “does that sound like I’m begging for your tits Scarlett?”

Scarlett feels soft kisses on her shoulder and neck, only half aware of Danni’s presence.

“Do you like the sound of me pleading for you to show yourself to me Sweetie’?”

“I want you…” that voice, that accent. “I want to push you back into the grass and let you know what it feels like to have a woman take you Scarlett!” The thought of having Agatha’s body pressed against her is driving Scarlett crazy.

“Do you want to feel my breasts against you?”

That smile is so mischievous. Lost in it Scarlett is almost is almost unaware of what the woman is doing. Pinning her shoulders to the towel, Agatha quickly straddles Scarlett’s left thigh. The warmth and hunger of Agatha’s lips against her own.

Agatha presses herself against Scarlett. Feeling the slippery softness of her breasts against her own. That delicious sensation driving her crazy. Feeling what it’s like to have a woman take her. The hardness of Agatha’s big nipples sliding against hers. Realising that far south of Agatha’s passionate kisses she is grinding herself against Scarlett’s thigh. Feeling her slick heat there. Is this naughty? Imagining what it would feel like against her own blossoming heat. Feeling her own heat flush through her. Amazed at how much she wants the experience. To go further, much, much further…

“Can you imagine how good it feels to have my sex pressed against yours…” Scarlett can only imagine. She does. “…feeling my heat against yours…Am I turning you on rubbing myself against you? Do you enjoy me talking dirty Scarlett?”

Scarlett responds more forcefully that she wanted to, “Jesus Christ YES!”

Scarlett can’t believe it, just thinking about rubbing myself against this strange woman, this Agatha has got her short of breath. Though part of it had to be the soft but firm Scottish accent showering her with dirty suggestions.

“I’ve got myself all hot and you know… can you feel?” Agatha teased Scarlett.

Scarlett felt firm hands on her left calf, her leg being raised. Agatha moving. Her leg raised so that it is resting against Agatha’s shoulder. Hands under her bum, lifting, manoeuvring Scarlett’s weight onto her shoulders. Exposing her to this woman in such a wanton fashion.

GOD! Agatha’s eyes held hers, but Scarlett could feel the wet heat of Agatha’s sex sliding along her upper-thigh towards her own pussy. Fuck!


Scarlett didn’t have to imagine what Agatha felt like now. That delicious warmth as Agatha is rubbing herself against her! More than a tingle; loving it. How often she’d fantasised about it on quiet afternoons. Now it was actually happening! That sweet warm, slippery, sen-sation. Pleasure sliding against her, embracing her. Sizzling out echoes to other points of pleasure across her body.

Fingers on her breasts; teasing and pulling at those points of pleasure. Feeling Agatha’s warmth rubbing against her; making Scarlett gasp. Never in a million years could she have imagined what having another woman’s pussy grinding… no, that’s the wrong word. It’s so beautifully slippery! She can feel the sensation beginning to fill her, swelling… and bursting. Scarlett shudders with the release of pleasure.

Gasping for breath, your hands running over your breasts. Feeling a twinge of pleasure as you graze your nipples.

“OMG I swear my nipples have never been so hard!”

The response instant, “they do look like they need suckled! I bet you’d like to feel us sucking on them…” Not a question. No answer required. The warmth of mouths enveloping her aching nipples. Hands caressing and squeezing her boobs, feeding those hungry mouths. Intensifying rather than sating Scarlett’s need. Sucked on and pulled by eager lips, teeth cruelly grazing. Testing and pulling her pleasure buds. Wetly releasing then recapturing. Their attention becoming hungrier, harsher.

Jesus feels so – amaaazing!

 Relishing those mouths enveloping those beautiful nipples. God I’ve so needed that!

Feeling her boobs squeezed severely, teeth biting on the softness of her tits, hands squeezing her delightfully hard.

Aware of fingers caressing, tentatively entering her. Eyes still closed, Scarlett gasps. “Oooh-yes, I need those fingers, play with me!”

Sensation massaging Scarlett’s sex; insistently parting the delicately swollen pink petals of Scarlett’s nether-lips. Their eagerness and speed intensifying. The realisation that more than one hand is pleasuring her. The swirling pleasure within and against her. The pulses of sensation washing out from her most intimate bud of pleasure. Feeling a woman’s distended nipple caressing her lips, the softness around it pressing into her face. Aware of another warm softness caressing her left cheek. Opening her mouth and tasting it. Suckling on it as the beautifully formed breast presses against her lips… Oh God!

Her own fingers finding warmth, sliding easily inside. Feeling a woman’s sex… no, cunt for the first time. Revelling in the beauty of its slick textures. The woman’s arousal so sensual. Relishing this pleasure and feeling her own excitement. Fluttering her fingers within the warmth. Curling her fingers up and caressing the slick, raised texture above her new friend’s opening, knowing how much pleasure that gives her. Feeling the clenching response. Feeling another warm sliding against her free hand. The other woman (Danni?) sliding against her open hand. Scarlett raising a pair of fingers knowing what she wants. Her fingers easily entering Danni’s heat, feeling the squeeze of encouragement from Danni.

Scarlett feels Agatha clench against her and gasp. She’s made her come! She feels her own joy explode and fill her with shuddering pleasure. Aware of Danni’s pleasure clenching in shuddering responses around her now drenched fingers. The pleasure echoing through you…


Aware of tender soft heat pressed against you in the sunshine. Becoming aware of lips kissing you, vaguely aware of Danni’s glowing gaze.

“That was amazing, Danni…” she kisses your lips softly. “Agatha…” other lips take their place. A more eager kiss. You open your eyes and they adjust to the brightness.

“You have such a sexy voice Scarlett!” Agatha drawls through her smile as she rubs slick wetness across your lovely boobs making them glisten with unfamiliar juices. Letting you inhale her perfume. Has she been playing whilst you enjoyed those kisses?

“I need to feel your mouth on my pussy,” Agatha’s voice insistent. “I want you to please me I want you to hear you cum against my cunt Scarlett!”

“I’m not going to give you the choice. I’m going to pin you to the grass and straddle your face…”

You don’t object. Her hands pin your unresisting arms to the towel. She kisses you.

Her breasts briefly swing across your face before she is lowering herself towards your face. The distended petals of her already moist cunt mesmerising you. Her heady perfume. You are going to taste her… she rubs her wetness up from your chin before you open your mouth. Then you can taste her. Your realise that your tongue is already out, and you are eagerly lapping at this woman’s wet pussy. From the sounds she is making she’s enjoying your eager oral attention .Her slight lift allows you suck first one, then the other labia into your mouth. Back and forth. Releasing them to lap once again at her open sex. Exploring it with your tongue. Jabbing and then properly thrusting, gaining filthy words of encouragement as she takes her pleasure from you..

Aware of fingers on your boobs and a comment about “your gorgeous boobs”. Agatha pressing herself more firmly to your mouth, encouraging you ministrations. Her sex filling your attention.

The sharp sting of a slap on your left breast. Gasping against Agatha’s cunt. Surprised at the wash of pleasure this elicits.

Unseen hands lower, your thighs are parted firmly. Warm breath on your sex.

A delicious soft warmth caressing the lips of your pussy in long languid strokes. Parting you, discovering you. Fingers splaying you, then that delicious warmth pushing and stirring within you. Long languid licks that taste you, lapping at you for your pleasure. That pleasure swirling and growing.

All the time Agatha goading you on as she rides your own tongue.

That unfamiliar feminine tongue flicking at your apex. Pushing up and releasing your sensitive little pleasure bud for her attention. The nimble flicking redoubling on your essence of delight. Feeling the pulses of bliss…

Agatha probably feels rather than hears you say “I’M. GONNA. CUM!!!!”

Her response inevitable, your mouth filling with her warm release of pleasure. Overflowing as her pelvis shudders in time with your juddering climax. Waves of beautifully coloured pleasure filling you, gradually subsiding…

You are once again enveloped in hot wet content femininity.

“You are really – delightfully dirty – my little Scarlett,” Agatha drawls in her soft Scottish accent.

Much later, Scarlett still smiling contentedly exited the tube station and headed for her hotel

Walking up broad stone steps, the tall tail-coated doorman opens the glass door with a smile

“Bar?” He points.

Scarlett opens the glass door and the sound of the crowd washes out to envelop her. She walks in to the high ceilinged room, busy with an assorted hum of bods in business dress and a sprinkling of higher pitched fashionistas.

Moving from the bar and mulling the cost of her drink, the glass feels reassuringly cold in her fingers as she scans around the room for a seat. All the tables appear full.

Then, a glimpse of an uncluttered stretch of table and empty chair through the press of bodies.

As thrum of pinstriped figures part for her Scarlett sees a solitary woman in her 50s wearing a white blouse and pinstriped business suit at the otherwise unoccupied table. She sits contemplating her glass in one of four chairs.

“The bar is busy, mind if I join you?”

“Please do”

“I’m Scarlett…”

“I know. It’s nice to meet you at last… to look you in your eyes and see that smile.”

“Have you ever read any of Sir Walter Scott’s tragic romances? Bit heavy I admit. Ivanhoe always makes my cry at the end. But you understand that now we’ve met I have to disappear.”

With that the woman stood, turned and walked away through the crowd. As the bodies closed behind her Scarlett felt a deep contentment…






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