Ailín, Minx and Aye


As I sit here at my kitchen table on a Sunday morning listening to eastern mystical music and typing I couldn’t be happier. (perhaps I shouldn’t shatter the illusion…no, honest, I’m writing longhand by candlelight for later transcription to ‘type’ by my faithful slave Minx. Sitting here in my boned under-bust Fairy Goth Mother corset, fishnets, and faithful docs drinking red wine after a mind-blowing self induced O) 😀

As you know, I’m with a wonderful, no Wonder Woman, who loves to explore and share the sensual as much as I do, and with whom I am looking forward to sharing the rest of my life. Albeit at a distance for the moment. But speaking of sharing, isn’t it nice to share? We were always told as children that it was ‘good to share’. I tell my child the same. But what about our experiences, and our partners? Sharing something squelchy? I’m a big fan of most things squelchy. Wet slippery sex, sensual oils, edible lubricants, especially those not intended primarily as lubricants… I love my food, and I enjoy sharing and making a mess with it (9½ Weeks has a lot to answer for!) especially with Minx. What better way to share food than from each others’ bodies, and a great way to enjoy a Saturday night in together:) I like to think of this as vanilla sex, but we all have our favourite flavour. This is an older story I put together for Minx, thinking of the pushing and licking the sensual envelope that we’ve shared with someone else. Sharing ourselves in many ways. Giving ourselves willingly, being recorded or forced to share ourselves in some humiliating fashion… I wanted to share that with you dear reader… Do you like to ‘lose’ control or have that control physically taken away from you?

“I know you like the idea of filming yourself my horny Minx. But not just yourself being naughty on your own, and not just us two lusty Gothettes ‘making love’; you do fantasise about having a man join us. Whatever those fantasies, our usual playmate Ailín, and long time partner-in-crime has often been a willing ‘victim’ for such games. Still, we make him suffer for his pleasure, don’t we? Again, is it the thought of doing something naughty that gives you a thrill Minx? Or do you just want to watch the film again later as you play with my pussy, or yourself, or both? Or do you prefer the thought of watching it whilst Ailín plays with us both?

This goes beyond sitting in the corner of the ‘Lord Darnley’ showing Ailín Polaroids of us naked, flashing, exposing ourselves minutes earlier in the ‘ladies’. Watching his growing arousal and discomfort as his erection fought with the tightness of his jeans as The Charge played metal covers in the background. How he squirmed when one of us touched him “by accident”… I should mention you like playing with BIG cocks. In fairness, something we both like, and the bigger the better. More room for teasing…hands… mouths… At least Ailín has a big enough manhood to keep us both happy when we feel that need. I’m sure the bulge in his lace-up leathers attracted a lot of attention that night! As I remember right, he sloped off with someone from La Sorbonne later instead of us. Wonder what she promised him?;)

Still, sometimes it’s a mistake to let two tarts like us know about your fantasies. We might just make them cum true, or at least I might write about it… Would you like that? And on that point, back to the evening I was telling you about. I set up the camera for our little experiment, hoping to capture the juicy details on memory card for our ‘use’ later. How the world of self-porn has changed. No having to time the peeling back of the chemical covered black cover to reveal the still soft print. And fetish-wear is so easy to get hold of now. Mail-order companies that cashed  your cheque and didn’t live up to the b&w drawing from the back of men’s magazines, or anxious trips into sex shops under the sweaty gaze of the owner… I remember a very embarrassed trip for three of us – me, Minx and Simone – to check out some ‘adult shops’ in Soho in the 90s. The door of one was one of those bead drapes. After a circuit round the linoleum floored shop with a fair bit of prodding, pointing and giggling. Big side-burn imported VHS tapes, they were hilarious! And underwear does not look good on mannequins. I like, no, love tightly buckling fetish-wear but it’s probably wrong to associate it with chipped 1960s mannequins! Though it’s definitely wrong to still feel a little moist when I see one in a charity shop! Anyway, enough of that, did I not catch the bead curtain on the shoulder studs of my leather, pulling it down. I will always remember the sound of it falling! Then our giggles as we pelted off down the street and into the nearest pub! Discovering Phaze in Newcastle later that year was a godsend! These days the most embarrassing thing that could happen is the company might put their name on the outside of the parcel. Thank fuck they usually don’t! And then there’s all the hours of pleasure that can be had checking out the pictures of models, I mean merchandise, online!

We keep this night simple, begin with the two of us in soft lace thongs, bras and favourite fuck-off –boots as we tie Ailín to the bed. I want lots on show! Well, I’ve got lots to show! Oh dear, I’ve got to bend over again facing the camera! What a nice shot of my dangling tits! Is it that, the anticipation, or our casual brushing strokes against his exposed manhood as we tie him down that’s made him so hard, with his foreskin stretched tightly back across his glans, and the faintest glisten of pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock? He must be aching… desperate? What’s a girl to do? Pay him some much needed attention? No.

When we have him tied down we both leave the room for a moment. Bondage is hard work, if its done right;) And he was very hard, so what can I say? We stand next door, aware how Ailín will feel about this ‘neglect’ and go through the plan for what will happen next. Fridge? Yes. We return with a can of spray cream, a small pack of ripe strawberries, and two room temperature bananas I’d removed the sharp edges from earlier. The healthy option.

The mattress undulates and pings as we step up onto the mattress. Standing on the bed above him, steadying each other, so that he can look up at and admire both of our pussies. We both begin to rub those yellow fruits against the pink petals of our already blossoming pussies; good, not too cold! We’ll save that game for another night:) Then slowly masturbating above him with the bananas. Gently pushing them further and further inside ourselves with each stroke, each insertion becoming smoother than the last, demonstrating our own arousals above his obviously hardening one. Do you think he’d like it if we squirted on him? Holding the banana stalk and repeatedly inserting then all the way, before slowly withdrawing the glistening fruit. Feeling it soften with the ministrations of our aroused sex, making me realise just how much I squeeze when I have something, or someone, inside me. Then again I know just how hard Minx squeezes my hand when I’m in her!

So, after only a couple of minutes of this, and a winked signal, we withdraw the bananas from our dripping cunts. Would it be cruel to tease his trussed up ass with these pre-lubricated lengths? Tie your legs up to the bed-head above your shoulders and fuck your ass-hole? Again, not tonight, and one after the other we push them into his mouth. Taste us. Is this what its like to have two cocks in your mouth Ailín? Do you like sucking cock our little fuck-toy? He seems to like tasting them, sucking our juices from the now soft fruit like a good boy. You know what they say about too much of a good thing?

We peel them open and lay the slightly discoloured lengths on either side of his visibly throbbing dick. We both grin at each other before you spray his cock and the bananas with the whipped cream; he rewards us with a gasp as the chill cream envelops his hot swollen skin. Mmm!

I had thought it would look hot to lick the three lengths between us and watch his cock reveal its pink self. Too much 80s erotica there; Fuck the plan!

I laugh wickedly and grasp his creamy shaft in my hand, pulling it up so that it is jutting rigidly perpendicular. His cock’s angle along and the heat of his skin causing the white sheath to begin sliding down his shaft, exposing his swollen glands again; his foreskin having been drawn back tightly by the state of his arousal without any need to pull it back manually.

Obviously this will not do. My firm manual manipulation allows you to spray it and my fist again with the whipped cream, and then carefully, to a chorus if giggles we optimistically attempt to balance a series of strawberries right on the swollen tip. The act pretty futile, but amusing. Numerous attempts eliciting little more than laughter with each successive strawberry larger than the last. Of course they keep falling off. His cock pulses with his growing arousal and each successive slippery stroke of that cream-slicked shaft by me, both of us laughing at our bizarre culinary creation. Humiliating, but not enough to dampen his ardour. Still hard. Can you picture the cream covered shaft, tipped with a large ripe strawberry, and surrounded by a field of cream and smaller discarded fruit? I should really make Minx eat them all from his body immediately! I know you like being told to do things. The naughtier, or more humiliating the better?

However, when we finally get that final one to stay in place I quickly envelop it in my mouth, squeezing and dripping the fruits juices onto his dick as I make a show of eating it. Returning to theatrically lick the mingled cream and strawberry juice from the swollen and exposed tip of his cock with exaggerated movements. You lower your own face closer to his cock. I can tell from the look on his face that he’s not sure if you want to replace my mouth on his cock. Or add to it? Could he handle two mouths at the moment?

Even so, Ailín can take no more of this visual treat as you begin to wank his slippery shaft into my mouth. In accompaniment his cock begins to jerk uncontrollably. He explodes, squirting his own white creamy spurts up across my face. I quickly attach my mouth around the pulsing head of his cock and suck on his climaxing member. Cleaning cream and cum from his cock as I suck him in with a gentle pistoning motion. I slide my mouth up his cock and let it fall out of my mouth with a deliciously dirty ‘plop’ before lapping down his shaft to his balls. Covering my face in whipped cream as you do so.

As I sit up you my Minx begin to lick enthusiastically at my face, and we kiss, sharing mouth-fulls of fruit, cream and Ailín’s cum. My hands come up to fondle your sensitive breasts with cream slippery fingers. You gasp as your nipples are teased, your own fingers caressing the peach of my soft bum before reciprocating on my lovely full breasts. Would it be easy to forget that there is someone watching? Give ourselves over to each other, and just make him watch? He would like that…

The bananas have fallen away, and are now softly squelching below Ailín at his bum, the soft pulp working between his buttocks.  Do you think that would work as a lube? I know how many fingers he can take up his ass, and perhaps you could nip through to the kitchen Minx and fetch me another banana? Or do you have that dildo with you? No? As we kiss with a few simple tugs, and a pleasurable tearing after the fabric has been tugged up hard into each of us – beautifully hard, squeezing – we discard the brief  lace garments, so that we are naked except for our boots. You like ripping a girl’s wee panties off? Well, we both love getting our knickers ripped, or cut off! Now Ailín can see our cunts in all their pink moist glory. The display ensuring that Ailín’s cock remains firm to inspection, and touch. Oh, it pulses!

The striptease complete, I take his still hard cock in my hand and then direct it so that I can slowly lower myself down onto it. He begins to moan as the heat of my moist sex kisses his aching tip. He does like those  moist kisses, but I rebuke him, and then with a wicked grin tell him I know a way of keeping him quiet. To his pleasure, and mine, you swing a leg across his shoulders so that you are facing me – your naughty Agatha – and sit down on his face, pressing your sopping moist pussy firmly against his hungry mouth.  Opening his lips, he opens yours and thrust his tongue into your open sex. Can you feel it flicking inside you Minx?

I am now riding his cock in long strokes, pistoning myself up and down his shaft, pausing briefly as the swollen head lodges at my opening, feeling him stretching me there! Feeling myself squeeze him and his cock pulse back. Sliding down hard! Splattering what is left of the whipped cream across the bed with every stroke. I lean forward and you hold up one of your breasts, offering one of your gorgeous large nipples for me to suck. I’m so glad that I’ve captured this all on camera, as except for your pussy which he is busy licking and sucking at enthusiastically, Ailín can’t see a thing. And I want to see you do this again! Whilst he might be – ok, we both know he IS – enjoying what he is doing it also excites us that we will get to watch it all again with him, and let him see the erotic tableaux the two of us have put on!

It lick at first one and then your other nipple, alternating, licking blowing. All the time fucking him, whilst playing with and caressing your tits as I love to do. It excited me to thisk that We’ll be able to watch ourselves deep-kissing as we rock – rock gothically – up and down on his cock and face respectively.

Then I order you to change positions. My pussy needs a little oral lubrication too, and I slide off him with a wet slurp to take your place squatting above his eager smiling face. My pussy is positively dripping juices as I turn around and sit firmly on Ailín’s face, pressing firmly against him before grinding my pelvis down and my engorged pussy against his mouth. Do you think he can taste his own cock and cum from me?

He gasps as you easily mount him, sliding rapidly down his already lubricated shaft! Perhaps you should have licked my juices from his cock before you began Minx, you dirty tart?! You begin to fuck him, sliding yourself up and down his cock. Does it feel good to have him inside you? Then leaning back, taking support from a grip on his legs. Arching your back and leaning away from me, allowing me to lean forwards and begin to lick at the apex of your hot pussy where your hard little clit’ juts out above his cock as it slides in and out of you. Your pussy and my tongue working on his cock – too much!

Again he begins to groan and you slide away so that even as he is cumming his cock jerks back against his belly and I lap hungrily up and down the length of it and across his balls as he spurts cum onto his own belly and my tits.

He draws breath just in time to watch the two of us licking the cum from him, then kissing, passing his spunk back and forth on our tongues to make sure he knows what we are doing before we swallow it.

He is soft now, which I sternly reprimand him for, but with a wide grin, and then straddling his cock start to slide up and down along his cock, using my well lubricated pussy lips. You squat erotically over his face and holding your buttocks apart with your hands tell him to lick your puckered little arsehole. He strains upwards and begins to do just that, teasing you with his tongue. I know you like to feel a tongue tease your ass. How naughty does it feel as it slides into your clean little ass-hole?

I feel that my squelchy sliding is having the desired effect on his cock – or does he just get off on being told to tongue your arse – and I stop rubbing my wet pussy against him. Bending down, I start to lick up and down the slick growing length of his cock, watched approvingly by you, playing with his foreskin, drawing it up and down with my lips.

You lean forward across his prone form, your still legs wrapped around his head with him licking enthusiastically between your pussy and ass-hole. Your new position allows you to first kiss me, and then alternately lick at his cock with me. Is that every man’s fantasy, to have two hot bi-gothettes lick at your cock? It is Ailín’s, then again we’ve made his dreams cum true a few times! With a glint in my eyes I now take his swollen but surprisingly pliable dick in my hand and bend it slowly back towards his knees. A manoeuvre which if he had been as hard as earlier would have been painful. Without letting go I straddle his knees facing you both and begins to shuffle myself forwards into position. Guiding him in hand again I insert his semi-hard cock into my pussy and lay back so my head is resting between his feet and his cock is bent backwards but still in me. His manhood’s shaft explicitly visible to you, glistening as it enters between her stretched petals of wet nether lips. Pressing upwards towards my g-spot…Oooo! Perhaps I will get the opportunity to squirt onto you both at the same time? Do you want to feel me gush all over your face Minx?

I start to move my hips slowly and rhythmically and he is already gasping, telling me how fucking good it feels until you grind your pussy tighter against his face. You have one hand on his cock, just to make sure his swollen member doesn’t slip out of my wet pussy, which is alternately squeezing and releasing his cock! Can you feel it Minx? I suppose watching his thick shaft slide in and out of my wet cunt just isn’t enough for you? You dirty Bitch! So you slide forward and start to lick and lap at the base of his cock while cupping and caressing his balls with your hand. Your attention intermittently drawn to the lovely stretched pussy that frames his shaft, drawn to the little hard nub crudely exposed at its apex! Cock and pussy together in one mouthful for you, but not just your pleasure; mingled sex.

He moans against your own aching sex in response to this treatment, thrusting his tongue deeper into your heavenly sex, but you just keep on squeezing his balls while you suck more eagerly on my engorged, and because of the position I am thrust into, highly visible clit. I begin to whimper and quickly my entire body starts to tremble with an orgasm and I beg you to stop! But you just snigger against my pulsing sex and continue licking on my obscenely swollen clit. I begin to jerk and gasp, and if you hadn’t been holding his cock in place it might easily have slipped out of her pussy as her sex contracts in spasms around his swollen member! I can’t hold myself back. I release a series of shuddering squirts, dowsing your face in my hot fluids. Now you’ll have to drink my juices down as well my sexy bitch!

Desperate to maintain the peak of pleasure I pull myself up and reaching round push your head tight against their joined sex, shouting encouragement for you to “fuckin’ lick me bitch! Yes, that’s it, suck me Minx, just keep fuckin doing it!”

Ailín moans deeply and cums again deep inside me, thrusting his hips and his cock upwards with all his remaining effort. Grinding his cock into your mouth and my clenching cunt! Your tongue exploring his shaft and my pussy, delving where they meet, exploring and tasting our mixed cum. I have you trapped between my thighs, still pressing your head in place against my cunt with both hands. Forcing you to taste our mingled cum escaping our coupled sex as I continue to fuck him whilst our climaxes subside. A fresh serving of cum squelching out with each of my downwards thrusts. Your mouth devours his cum coated cock as I slide wetly from it, my wet hole gaping. Sucking and cleaning his cock like a good bitch, I’ll forgive you just this once for ignoring the hot vista of my cunt; then one final kiss for him there, and a tingling relief of one for me.

Then you roll off him, untying Ailín, and the three of us lie there together on the bed stroking and kissing one another until we feel it’s time to watch a film. Feel the pleasure build again…”

Thank you for sharing my sexual explorations by reading about them… Just thought about it. Listening to ‘chillthefuckout’ music from somewhere else in the world, I don’t know where on my sleepy Sunday morning, typing and being read (hopefully) by someone in a completely different part of the world… but that makes me smile:)

Wishing you Love and Kindness. Ag x

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