Using Ella

Agatha sits on her throne smiling wickedly. Black booted and leather suited. Gothed-up and made-up to perfection. The two me, on the dais sit naked at her feet. The other two have no idea what she has planned for them. What she wants to watch them do to their slut for the night. What she discussed with Ella. The ever-willing and slutty Ella. They’re in for a treat.
They watch as Ella arrives in a leather ensemble. It’s not what you might describe as a ‘titillating little number’. It’s more brutal than that, definitely not vanilla. I say in, not wearing. More of a restrictive binding than a modesty preserving outfit. From her neck to her ankles, multiple black leather straps criss-cross tightly around her. Up her legs and across her belly, with her gorgeous mature tits cruelly clenched, beautifully stretched pink and exposed, ass and pussy laid bare for all to see. Collared, objectified, fetishized, there to be used.
Agatha raises her booted foot and pushes the male with the shaved head forward. Waving the other to join him with a gloved hand.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Use her for me!”
Ella is willing, enthusiastic with a touch of repentance. She does as she’s ordered; rearranged, touched and posed for their pleasure.
Ella is on her hands and knees, licking at Eric’s semi-hard cock. Lux crouches behind her, massaging her pussy lips with the swollen head of his cock and slapping her arse. With each smack, each shuddered gasp, each ripple and pinkening of her lovely full buttocks, they both become visibly more aroused.
As Eric watches and hardens, Lux starts to caress her asshole with his index-finger whilst continuing to stroke her pussy with his cock. Pushing slowly, his slippery digit passes her anal muscles. Then he adds his thumb, then a second finger. Stretching her until he has three fingers and his thumb inside her asshole.
He produces a large rubber butt-plug and withdraws his fingers. He spits into her asshole, more for the degrading pleasure of it than lubrication. He’s already made sure her hole is slippery with his well lubricated fingers. Slowly he slides the dildo in, When the dildo is all the way in it turns on, and they can hear it hummmm as it moves in her ass. She shudders a little, and takes Eric deep into her throat. He’s not sure whether this is her willing enthusiasm or an involuntary reaction to the purring pleasure now filling her ass. She gags, the sound arousing him more. Pulling back, pushing into her mouth. The look in her eyes, feeling the back of her throat, the sound of her gagging again as Eric uses her mouth.
Her tongue now licking at the base of Eric’s cock, sliding lusciously across his balls. Lux telling her to beg for his cock. Releasing Eric’s aching member, she does, pleads in a needy breathless gasp. Then moans and pants, still holding the base of Eric’s cock as he turns up the speed of the vibrator in her ass.
Louder, the plug is making her tremble. Ella’s ass and thighs visibly quivering. Then Lux thrusts his cock between her swollen petals, and she releases the most animalistic wail. Her body building from quiver to full-on-shudder. Ella climaxes before he’s even half-way in. As she throws back her head, eyes focussed somewhere else, her mouth opens wide in a silent scream. Eric grabs her hair and shoves his cock all the way into her mouth, choking-off her scream. Holding her head in both his hands, pumping into her mouth. Rewarded with a wet gagging as he pumps into her mouth, holding her head firmly in place.
But the orgasm just builds and builds within. Eric can see her entire body shudder as the black plug tries to slide from her arse as her pleasure muscles convulse. The ripples of bliss in her cunt must feel amazing round Lux’s cock. He thrusts hard, slapping loudly against her buttocks, forcing the rubber plug back into her ass with his firm abdomen and continues to hammer into her cunt. Each of his thrusts pushing her hard against Eric, hiss cock deeper into her throat. Her eyes now glazed as she rides the wave of pleasure.
Her entire body is now shuddering, out of control, her swollen nipples look as if they are about to burst. It’s obvious she’s still cumming silently and that each pulse of the orgasm is driving her closer and closer to the edge of an extraordinary climax.
Eric stands up a bit higher and lean back, straddling her face. She knows what Eric wants her to do. Still stoking Eric’s slippery shaft with one hand she begins licking his asshole. Her tongue lapping, pressing, then penetrating Eric’s anus. Relishing the erotically degrading task. Licking with an enthusiasm as if her life depended on it.
Lux still clutching Ella’s hair, pulling her head back. Still slamming into her cunt viciously. Ella pushing back for more whilst still probing Eric’s ass and working his slippery swollen cock.
Then suddenly it’s all too much for her. Ella’s entire body vibrates. Only vaguely aware of her fluids escaping. The slippery butt plug forced out of her ass with the spasms in her anus, glancing off Lux’s abs onto the floor. All those orgasms climaxing. Hearing screaming. Although she feels as if she has no breath in her entire body. The feeling of convulsing, arching and bucking. Letting go completely. Nothing outside of her sensation.
She quivers and bucks beneath him and Lux doesn’t know how he manages to keep shoving his cock in and out of her. Even then it doesn’t stop. Ella comes again. Slumped, her face contorted, still gasping for air. Grunts coming from nowhere. Her body convulsing.
Sinking down into the bed – twitching, moaning but otherwise unresponsive.
No idea how much time passed. Ella is somewhere else.
A voice.
How did she feel – how was it for you?
A palpable rush of sensations that grows into a disconnected mind-blown envelope of pleasure. But Ella doesn’t say anything, just smiles as they drip out of her.
But she doesn’t reply. They’ve shared her body but she’s not sharing that with them. She can’t wait to share with Agatha how it made her feel…

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