Sally On The Beach (Suncream Pt 2 – work in progress)

The morning after the slippery fun the day before. It had been such a night with David, after that experience with the girls, he had been delightfully ‘unstoppable’… I wonder what Agatha and Foxaloola are up to today?

Sally could feel that familiar sensation rising as she lay there in the air-conditioned room bathed in echoes of yesterday’s sensations. A warmth growing inside her, body reacting to the resonances of that pleasure. Fingers drawn across her already swollen nipples. The ache as she touches them. Closing her eyes and sinking into, recreating yesterday’s caresses. Pulling; enjoying the response between her thighs. Resisting touching. Feeling the need. Yearning for that tactile pleasure given by another… again, images flashed through her mind. Memory? Imagination? Had it been real, or just something inserted into her mind to play on?

Her master still sleeping soundly next to her under his single white sheet. Sally toyed with the idea of waking him with her mouth. The thought, memory, of him growing in her mouth briefly appealed. God, he had been so fucking hard and insatiable last night. How he had felt pounding into her, satisfying them both. More than once. She briefly surrendered to the ache between her thighs. Deciding instead to let him rest after all he had given her last night.

Unable to go back to sleep Sally decided to walk down to one of the beaches and enjoy some early sun. She texted her plan to his phone on the bedside table, waiting briefly until it silently announced receipt.

Slipping into a tie-dye sundress Sally threw an amber bottle suncream and a blue hotel towel into her beach bag. Shades on, she quietly let herself out of the room with the spare card.

The corridors and lobby still empty of fellow holiday-makers but plenty of staff eager to greet her, and perhaps practice a little more of their excellent English. If only us Brits made more of an effort…

Through the automatic doors into the brightness of the pool area. Walking along the side of the pool as she and David had done yesterday. Half hoping that the two women would be on their sun-loungers already. My God – was she angling for a replay?! Slightly disappointed those sun loungers outside their apartment were empty, the curtains still drawn.

Her walk took her down to the gates that provided access to the public beach. A wide expanse of sand amply supplied with white and yellow loungers for hire by the half-day. Later it would draw sellers of wares who were particularly good at appearing the moment she’d calmed her thoughts, or got to that complex bit of dialogue in the novel… Fuck, she’d forgotten her book! Oh well, might not be a bad thing, just have to find some other distraction to relax with. She headed along the path shaded by tall palms and comically phallic cacti. Lost in the shades of sun-bleached landscape and perfume of the Mediterranean Sea. Sally found herself at the rise in the headland at the end of the beach.

She allowed herself to rest briefly, marvelling at the light-refracting moisture on the leaves. Accepting the simple pleasures, that’s what she’d promised herself. Soothed in calm thoughts and the beauty around her Sally followed the path up and around the headland. A stronger breeze washing her in salty ocean perfume as she did, filling her senses with where she was. Free, away in a simple pleasurable moment all to herself.

Sally took the opportunity to sit on a raised tussock, long dry grass blowing around her. To focus somewhere between her breaths and the horizon. Centring herself amongst our Mother Nature’s beauty. Relaxing as she breathed in the morning sun and breathed out her residual drowsiness. The warm breeze all over her skin pleasantly reminding her she had nothing on under the thin cotton tie-dye dress. Sally felt alive.

Lost in her mindful journey Sally rounded another headland. Her hair blew briefly across her eyes as she moved beyond the sheltering bluff. A sheltered cove revealing itself. A white crescent of sand between the rocky headlands; its sheltered softness being lapped at gently, and an older tanned bearded male striding waist-deep through that clear water back towards the beach.

Aware of couples sunbathing, Sally was drawn down the path towards the sand as she watched him in the sea. Not her type but there was something about how he moved through the water. Only really realising that the nearest couple were sunbathing naked as she set foot on the sand and lowered her gaze from him. In fact, they all were all naked, or near naked. ‘Oh – was this a nudist beach?’

As if in answer Sally realised the bearded one had all but left the water and that ‘sans costume de natation’ appeared ‘di rigour’ for the cove. Though not a fan of the ‘unsolicited male member’ Sally did find him strangely fascinating as he strode impressively out of the sea, water coursing down his lower body. His thighs. His heavy looking ‘member’…

Something caught her eye to the left. A waving hand. Scarlet Agatha and blonde Foxaloola – friendly faces – albeit their faces partly hidden behind sunglasses. Not that anyone here looked unfriendly, just everyone else was already naked, but these two she knew. And yes, not surprisingly, they were naked on their towels apart from their jewellery and sunglasses, and already glistening with suncream. Sally received a pleasurable but all too brief flashback to them applying suncream to her yesterday. She realised she was now wearing the most enormous smile.

That slight course Scot’s voice, “Hey Sally! Sally – here! Come, an’ sit next tae us!”

“Hello you two!” How could she refuse? Her vivid memories of yesterday and imagination playing quite tangible tricks with her body. Though strangely the sensations made her feel not self-conscious but confident in who she was, and vividly alive.

Stepping by the naked couples on their towels it was difficult not to return their smiles and the odd ‘Hi’. The welcoming smiles from the mischievous looking petite blonde with the beautiful floral tattoos and pierced nipples, and the – dare she say it – submissive looking Asian woman she stepped over. Everyone appeared so relaxed, warm, and friendly. Content absorbing the early warmth of the sun, unhurriedly applying suncream either to themselves or the person next to them. There were certainly a few abandoned towels and small groups gathered around a few sets of the other towels talking. Well, that’s what she presumed at first, but some individuals appeared to be getting a hand with their… suncream? It was difficult to tell who was with who…

“Dinny stare Sally – its rude – unless o’ course yi prefer watchin’!” Agatha broke her reverie. Adding with a filthy smirk, “Yi didn’y seem tae mind yesterday. An’ a’m sure nae-one‘ll mind here.”

Sally was aware of Agatha watching her, mischievous smile still in place. Aware of her own risen pulse. Had her breathing quickened? Was Agatha watching the rise and fall of her breasts under the sheer tie-dye fabric?

“Ar’ yi feelin’ a wee bit overdressed yet?”

Without thinking Sally pulled the shoulder ties, allowing the dress to fall from her shoulders and to the sand. Taking the towel from her bag she let that fall to the ground as well. Cover her modesty? She didn’t feel like she needed to here. In fact, it felt invigorating to stand there completely exposed above her new friends surrounded by naked strangers. Was she exploring her long-hidden exhibitionist side? It certainly felt good. The warm air on her skin. The people around her. Thrilling?

Again Agatha broke her pondering, “these here are Antionette an’ Russell,” introducing the young couple on the next set of towels along. Not that there was much of a separation between Foxaloola and Antionette. The latter in her kitsch white sailors’ hat and 70s mega-sunglasses, and Russell with his dark hair cropped short with an impish smile; all that the pair were wearing between them.

Sally found herself imagining what Antionette’s full breasts would feel like against her own. The tinkle of pleasure through her nipples. The pleasurable sensation was here, now, in this moment. Sliding herself against – between – Antionette and Agatha’s heavy boobs… Sally trembled slightly – Fuck – she was easily ‘distracted’ today!

“Your turn dreamy Sally! Time tae return the favour” Agatha added, holding out a bronze Ambre Solaire bottle. Golden Touch Oil – Sally didn’t know why she read the label. Perhaps her senses had become intensified? She could hear the blood pumping through her with body with her rising excitement. The thought of massaging the oil into Agatha’s skin. The recent familiarity. The weight of her slippery breasts in her hands. Intimately moving up her thighs in the same way as yesterday… Fuck!

To be continued…

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