Tabitha’s Musings

Tabitha steps out of the bathroom, her skin warm and tingling. Pink and glowing from the shower, she walks the few steps to her bed. The large, fluffy towel falls away and for a moment and she stands there, naked, surveying herself in the full-length mirror on the wall. She knows how beautiful he finds her, as does her secret female admirer. The one that sends her those naughty suggestions, those black and white pictures… Now that’s naughty, she must not think about what that woman has suggested she do….

She sits on the edge of the bed and reaches for her coconut butter. Applying a generous amount to her hands she starts to apply it across her arms. Her hands glide easily over her soft skin. A fleeting contact with her breast sends tiny reminder of pleasure through her. A flash of those hands on her. That ruby red mouth teasing her. Tabitha feels suddenly breathless.

Pausing. Breathing.

Tabitha bends forward and her hands slide easily down her smooth calves, and sitting up again, over her arc of her beautifully shaped thighs. They travel up across the ‘beautiful curve of her tummy’. Whilst Tabitha herself still felt a little self-conscious about the other woman’s adoration of her curves, that was how ‘she’ described it. Still, it felt nice. It tickled her how much the other woman loved her every inch of her body. How she wanted to do things to Tabitha. It also filled her with a warm glow as her hands absently moisturise under the curves of her breasts.

Pausing again, feeling her own arousal.

Should she stop or does she continue? The house is quiet, she has it all to herself for once. Tabitha hesitates only a moment before applying more crème to her hands.

A soft moan escapes her as she cups her breasts in her hands and begins to caress them. Her nipples swell as her palms slide over them.

Tabitha lies back on the bed and closes her eyes. She murmurs her contentment as her hands squeeze and massage her sensitive breasts. Men too often neglect them, don’t pay them enough attention in bed. Yes, the leery blokes can’t stop staring at them, but she needs them touched, caressed, kissed. Squeezed? Pinched? But she knows that another woman wouldn’t neglect them… Tabitha gently pinches her own nipples and then lets her hands glide over the soft skin again. A short loop of video she’d seen plays through her mind with the sensation. Imagining someone else’s hands pleasuring her… doing naughty things to her…

Tabitha’s pussy responds in kind. Tabitha can feel it begin to pulse. Tabitha feels sexy, so very naughty. Her breasts, full and soft, feeling so good under her hands as she squeezes them. Savouring the sensations arising from her attentions.

Tentatively, one hand brushes over her smooth mons. She parts her soft thighs. Her finger slides to her hidden lips, tracing the warm, wet folds of her blossoming flower. Feeling her moist heat within.

Tentatively Tabitha lifts her fingers to her mouth. Tasting her own arousal. Is that dirty? Naughty? She likes the feeling of being naughty. The flavour intoxicates her, and her imagination takes over. Tasting herself from another woman’s finger after feeling them play with her. Tasting another woman from her own fingers… the thought of another woman’s fingers touching and exploring her most private place. Her lips and tongue against Tabitha’s pussy…

Her fingers return to her pussy. Teasing her little pleasure nub, sliding between her silken lips. He had told her how much he would like to watch her do this. Feeling obliged to try. She would rather caress her little hard pleasure bud, but she wants to please him. Do what he tells her to. What he insists on. Imagining he was watching her. Slowly Tabitha slides one, then two fingers into her wet heat. How closely is he watching her? Tabitha slides them in and out, building up her speed and the force with which she plays with herself. Thinking of the look on his face. Thinking of how hard she is making him. In and out, finger-fucking herself in and out. She feels dirty, being watched playing. How much he wants her. Those beautifully familiar waves of pleasure spread out from her pussy to consume her. Tabitha realises she is short of breath, her fingers still enveloped in her own pulsing heat. Had it been naughty to imagine Him, or even Her, watching her play in such a slutty but fun way?

Reluctantly Tabitha allowed her fingers to slip out, and lightly stroked her clit. In her mind’s eye it’s no longer her finger but a warm, wet tongue that is pleasuring her. Not her man’s tongue, not even another man’s tongue but that kinky woman’s. The excitement inside her builds as Tabitha imagines some stranger catching her there. Catching her with another woman between her legs, watching as her soft tongue hungrily laps her pussy.

Her arousal, her need, mounts. Tabitha can feel the tell-tale signs within herself. Not yet! Not yet! Slow down, make it last. Reluctantly her hand retreats from her clit. Tabitha licks her fingers clean, and in her imagination, she’s licking those juices from a man’s cock. Being made to. After he’s been inside her. Tasting herself mixed with him. She feels dirty. It feels good, and the feeling is growing. Like a cock inside her. A cock that has fucked her to the brink of orgasm as her fantasy woman feasted on her exposed clit’… Am I being naughty – a dirty little girl – way too slutty?

Tabitha’s arousal is still building. She has to physically force herself to slow down. To edge herself for longer. Tabitha wants this naughty pleasure to last and wills her imagination into neutral. But she wants more… More than that receding inner-warmth of pleasure and the scent of arousal in her nostrils…

Her hands return to her breasts. Tabitha shiver with delight as she squeezes and caresses them. Pushing them together Tabitha pinches her nipples. She cries out with the subtle mixture of pain and pleasure. She garners in a little more coconut butter into her hands and spends a pleasurable moment caressing the warm softness of her breasts. As he should for her, as she knows that woman would.

Tabitha feels her lust burning in her pussy. Her body is alive with expectation of another release as she caresses her skin. Her fingers are drawn back towards her pussy. She has to use every ounce of will power to prevent them from finding their mark. Tabitha runs her fingers up and down her inner thighs, teasing herself until the tension and anticipation become too much to bear. The need rising within her like a fire.

One hand returns to her breasts, to squeeze and tease herself. To imagine those hands… Her reward a wave of pleasure, and a surge of deeper need. The fingers of the other lightly brush over the swollen lips of her pussy. That wave swells higher, stronger. Tabitha slowly slides a finger between the swollen petals, parting them enough to expose her little swollen pleasure bud. Her finger draws up through her slick petals to caress her clitoris. Warm pleasure surges through her once more, telling her she needs to climax again. But once again, pausing, edging herself, Tabitha takes her finger to her mouth and licks the glossy warmth from its length. Tabitha savours the taste as, fully aroused, her other hand glides over her stomach to take its place. She needs it. Needs a hand against her sex. To feel it cruelly pleasuring her. To feel His hand pleasuring her. To feel Her hand pleasuring her…

This time two fingers make their way against her aching and aroused pussy. Tabitha slides them back and forth across her open petals and pleasure bud. Increasing the force with each movement as Tabitha knows She would do to her. To make her cum. Whether she wanted to or not. That cruel mistress. Her thumb rests on her mons as she gasps and moans softly. Almost.

As the wash of pleasure fills her and takes over. Her passion now owns her. Tabitha’s body, of its own volition, moves steadily towards an impending climax.

She cannot stop it. Those naughty fingers do not belong to her. She is at their mercy.

Those fingers rapidly frigging her… her… pussy. Their cruel carnal pressure building and quickening on her clit. A free hand squeezes her breasts and pulls on her nipples. Pleasure and pain.

Tabitha can feel it approaching. The need in her pussy builds to a raging, swirling craving as those fingers do their work. Her breathing quickens. Her sex begins to contract. Her body begins to shake.

Her imaginary lovers return more explicitly. Not fingers now. The woman is frantically licking her clit as the man works his cock in and out of her wet aching pussy. Is that her hand? Feeling so naughty and dirty. Behind her closed eye-lids a man watches and strokes himself as Tabitha uses these strangers for her pleasure. Yes, I am such a dirty –

– the wave crashes through her.

Tabitha gasps out loudly. As surge after surge of orgasmic joy washes through her. Her body shudders as the fingers fall from her pussy. Aware of little else, the pleasure fills her. Nothing else exists. Just the brightness of climax. Tabitha has no connection to or control of her body, her movement outside the pleasure. She is barely aware of her muscles rapidly tightening and relaxing. She knows her mouth is open but there is no sound within her apart from the drumming in her ears and chest.

She feels her breathing, the remnants of her uncontrollable shudders. The wetness of her thighs… Then the feeling of the fingers pressing against her throbbing pleasure bud, pulsing slightly, drawing out her climax. Succeeding, before she finds them gently sliding back and forth again in the hope of holding on to that addictive pleasure.

Her other hand pinches each nipple in turn as fingers gently rub her clit with a familiar gentle circular motion. How she wants more attention on her breasts. Squeezing and pinching, mouths licking and sucking her. Tormenting both her nipples. With tears of joy in her eyes she allows herself to let go completely.  Shuddering pleasure and colours fill her as her climax soars to a higher level. Tabitha is floating. She can take no more.

Tabitha lies on the bed limply as she allows the wash of orgasmic energy dissipate. She lies on her bed motionless. Unaware of time passing, unaware of the room around her, unaware of everything except the beating of her heart. A warm glow of relaxed satisfaction fills her as her breathing returns to normal.

Finally, Tabitha opens her eyes. She aches but she smiles. A warm, dreamy, mischievous little smile as she realises that what she needs most of all now is another hot shower.

Maybe someone to wash her?


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