On The Amygdala Chair With Dr Agatha (To Use Me as You Wish)

The couple enter the red sandstone building in the west end of town and at the far end of the art deco lobby press the call button for the antique elevator. As David holds her hand Sally goes through the previous week’s ‘homework’ exercises in her mind again. Yes, she’s done everything as instructed this … Continue reading On The Amygdala Chair With Dr Agatha (To Use Me as You Wish)


Tabitha’s Fantasy

Tabitha sank into the soft cotton warmth of their bed, enveloped in the flickering half-light of a single candle. She closed her eyes and breathed in the scent of sandalwood. She could hear him in the shower, imagined him washing himself for her. He has promised her tonight, and he will. Tabitha knows he will. … Continue reading Tabitha’s Fantasy

Club and Train

The heat in the small low ceilinged room meets the rough pounding music full on, enveloping us in a rhythmic pocket within the tightly packed crowd. Enjoying the feel of my tight clothes and bass rhythms against my pale skin. Tonight’s choice of extra short skirt and tight Sisters tee’, attracting barely concealed gawps as we … Continue reading Club and Train

Sally gets a hand taking pictures

“Yes, that’s them both out for the count,” Sally’s new neighbour Isla confirmed in her Edinburgh lilt as she returned to the lounge. Sally had warmed unusually quickly to the slightly older ‘new lass’ at the school gates as they waiting for their respective charges. Perhaps it was their mutual disdain for authority, and with … Continue reading Sally gets a hand taking pictures

Gothette Tied-Up next to the M4

Since I was younger I've enjoyed tight constraints. Tucked up tightly. Tight clothing. I particularly enjoy the tightness of rubber or leather clothing, its part of me, whether it's just wearing them out under my clothes for my own secret pleasure, or wearing them 'out out' and enjoying the pleasure of people, men and women, … Continue reading Gothette Tied-Up next to the M4