What Agatha Desires – Agatha’s Plaything

As he draws into the narrow lane’s passing place the taxi driver turns and asks Ella Jane if she’s sure she wants him to drop her here. After all it’s a deserted lane, miles from anywhere but farm houses.
“I told you, my car is just up there…” Ella Jane responds. After all it was what Agatha suggested she say.
“Sure love?” he repeats with a concerned paternal smile around the driver’s seat. Ella Jane nods back and smiles. After all, for all her vulnerability, she’s a woman who can handle herself. The driver reluctantly accepts, perhaps aware of the vehicle parked in the next passing-place along.
Ella Jane pays the driver and steps out into the dark lane. Having followed Agatha’s instructions in ‘Primani’ and the local charity shops; “be my little pet Gothette – wear something black, trashy and disposable… something you won’t miss if it… gets torn…” So tonight, Ella Jane is ‘got’. Dressed more for underground clubbing under her open charity shop cloak than a stroll in the country. The cool night air as much as her building anticipation is invigorating.
Words of caution unheeded, the driver doesn’t waste any more time; accelerating back towards the town and his next fare.
Feeling suddenly very exposed in her disposable micro skirt – much shorter than she is comfortable with, but she’s been told – and flimsy Blue Cross top with its plunging cleavage. The latter flashing her lovely full breasts barely encased in the soft lace cups of the Primani set she acquired at the weekend, and the former allowing the night air to play over the tops of her exposed thighs, her barely lace-covered mons. It wouldn’t help if the fishnet hold-ups were pulled higher as she can feel the silky lining of the cloak against the lower curve of her bum cheeks. The area of caress growing below the hem of that skirt as it rides up with each step. Ella Jane feels exposed, definitely trashy, but she’s doing what she’s been told. Her heart beats with that excitement. She inhales the wild garlic.
As soon as his tail lights round the corner headlights on the vehicle in the next passing place flash three times. The red glow of a cigarette visible behind the windscreen. Relieved, Ella Jane strides towards it, glad of the even surface under her buckled heels. The pair a treasure of her charity shop adventure under her Mistress’s instructions. What she knows of the occupant from their lengthy and intimate discussions, Ella Jane is sure she is enjoying the view; cloak swirling dramatically around Ella Jane’s well-toned fishnet-swathed legs as she approaches.
This thought along with the theatrical ‘cloak-and-dagger’ arrangements Agatha insisted-on putting a smile on Ella Jane’s lips, disguising her remaining nerves. She walks towards the black SUV with tinted windows.
“Hi gorgeous!” Agatha exclaims as Ella Jane opens the passenger door. The oh-so-brief smirk of approval from Agatha. The last of Ella Jane’s nerves evaporate, leaving her with an excitement that fills her chest and tugs at her breath. Ella Jane pauses to take in the athletically curved woman with brutally cropped blonde hair and a mischievous scarlet smile. Her outfit matches the black leather interior of the car. A buckled bodice barely containing her ample bosom, and matching skirt. Goth? BDSM? Mistress? Her make-up definitely ‘old school goth’.
“I know that you’d never normally wear anything like this in the real world – perhaps I don’t either – or at least not for a few years…” the seated woman pausing. Her decidedly wicked smile returning as Ella Jane places one foot on the passenger sill. “But I wanted to have you dress as my little goth slut tonight. You’ve done well with your outfit Slut.”
Ella Jane briefly delights in Agatha’s approval. But her words made Ella Jane jump “Don’t just stand there. Get in. And Sit!”

Ella Jane obeys hastily. Her cloak slides under her bottom as she positions herself comfortably. Realising that in climbing into the car, her skirt has ridden up beyond any modesty. Perhaps channelling her ‘inner slut’ she refuses to allow her thighs to close. Did I do that deliberately? Is this what Agatha wants?
“I do like seeing the tops of your stockings under the hem of that skirt. The lush tops of your thighs… nice touch Slut …” Approval?
Ella Jane feels the satin touch of Agatha’s gloved fingers run from her knee up to the top of her thigh. Her first touch from her ‘Mistress’! She watches as the fingers gently pull the stretched hen up. Aware that she is exposed, with this woman gazing between her parted thighs. Aware that her tiny panties will hardly be veiling the shape of her freshly shaved pubis, with even the delicate parts of her are, hardly concealed by the flimsy fabric. Ella Jane shifts slightly uncomfortably on the silky inner lining of her cloak.
“Good Girl!” Agatha admiring Ella Jane’s exposure, perhaps enjoying her discomfort.
“Are you ready to play the dirty little goth slut for me? You’re mine tonight, you know that, to do what I want…”
Ella Jane can initially only nod, but on seeing Agatha’s raised eyebrow quickly lowers her own gaze and adds “Yes Miss!”
“Just to remind you that today I own you…” Agatha shows Ella Jane a polished steel collar with a lose d-ring. Agatha reminds Ella Jane that she is going to be wearing it for her tonight. A sign of her submission to Agatha’s will.
“When you put this on you are no longer Ella Jane. You are just my Slut. You’re mine tonight Ella Jane. Maybe not all mine,” Agatha smirks cruelly, “but you’ll certainly do whatever I tell you to. And this is the last time you will have the privilege of a name.”
Agatha closes the hinged steel halves around Ella Jane’s neck, and it clicks securely. Agatha holds up a small silver key. “It only opens with this,” and she secures it to the chain around her own neck with a wicked grin.
“You know the safe-word Slut?” The scarlet grin slightly intimidating.
“Yes Miss, ‘squelchy’”
Agatha smirks, “good girl. And how does the weight of the cold steel feel around your neck Slut? You look fucking hot in it by the way. But you are now mine to do with as I please… or as it pleases me!”
Not willing to disappoint her Mistress Ella Jane quickly replies. “Yes Miss!” What would Agatha do with her? Could she come up with some humiliation, some perversion, that would be too much for me? ‘Maybe not all hers?’ Who?

Agatha hands Ella Jane a velvet blindfold. “Put it on!”
Ella Jane quickly complies. Then feels Agatha’s gloved hand tracing her cheek, before she tests how tightly Ella Jane has put it on.
Ella Jane hears Agatha’s voice. “I’d love to pull your mouth between my thighs right now ‘Slut’ – but…”
The car roars into life and moves. Ella Jane can’t resist replying. “Please feed me, I hunger and I thirst for you Miss! Grab my hair if it pleases you and pull me into your heat Miss!”
Ella Jane feels her hair being grasped fiercely “oh god Yes…just like that Miss!”
Ella Jane “Tie me and take me Miss!”
Agatha “You like a little bondage? Rope? Manacles and chains? How tight? How harsh? How Helpless? How do you like it Slut?”
Ella Jane “Tied up – helpless – being fucked, Miss!”
Agatha “Being helpless to prevent those two huge – cocks – thrusting deep into both of your dirty little holes?”
Agatha “I know. I’ve said this before but I find it… so hot Slut! Would you like to watch me pissing? Would you like to feel me pissing on you Slut? Me, pissing into your mouth?”
Ella Jane “Mmmmm – I wouldn’t spill a drop, Miss!”
Agatha “Even if I want to watch it spilling down across your exposed breasts?”
Ella Jane gasped “your wish is of course my command!“
Agatha “Dirty girl”
Ella Jane “I want to be SO dirty for you Miss!”
Agatha “What would you do for me Slut?”
Ella Jane “Anything you asked of me Miss! I want to be you’re your filthy fuck slut today Miss! Anything that pleases you Miss!”
Agatha “I would love to feel you shudder and clench around my fingers as you squirt warmth through them Slut!”
“What do you think I’ll let you feel tonight? A single finger sliding inside you? You’d prefer more of my fingers, or a large curved banana, a cucumber, even a thick gnarled carrot or huge rubber cock? Or a real pulsing meaty cock? Or more than one cock?”
“Or should I just have my man Lux fuck you senseless from behind whilst I squeeze and slap your lovely titties as they hang down?”
“Perhaps he should bring his friends and I can just watch you being fucked until you’re a sloppy mess”
Ella Jane “I’d fuck an entire rugby team for you miss”
Agatha “Good Girl! So what are you going to do for your Madame tonight?”
“Picture yourself doing it. Tell me what you’re doing ‘Slut’”
Ella Jane “I am on all fours Miss. There is a cock in my throat and another pounding my ass. Two others stand over me pissing on me, laughing while my Mistress sits quietly watching in the corner, occasionally directing the action…”
Agatha “You do like your cock Slut! I suppose I’ll just have to stroke myself as I watch you being fucked and degraded. Watch me! I want to look deep into your eyes as they use you for me!”
Ella Jane “I watch constantly, desperate for approval Miss!”
Agatha “Keep telling me what they’re doing to you ‘Slut’.”
Ella Jane “They have me pinned on my back now Miss. Spread eagled. One kneels on my arms, slapping and tugging at my breasts. Another pins my ankles while they continue to use me as their toilet”
Agatha “Tell me more ‘Slut’!!!”
“Perhaps I’ll lick their cocks as I watch them slide in and out of you… perhaps?”
Ella Jane “The one with the biggest cock lies on his back. He tells me to climb on. I look to you and you simply nod your approval. I mount him, and immediately his friend starts to force himself into my ass! It hurts so much but my mistress is watching, so I take the double penetration! Someone grabs my hair and another cock is filling my mouth!”
“Tears rolling down my face, still I look for the slightest sign of your approval”
Agatha “I want more ‘Slut’!!!”
“I want them to stretch you”
“I want to see you take more than one cock in your cunt ‘Slut’”
Ella Jane “I am now just a piece of fuck meat, taking whatever these men want to give me!
I have no will…only responding to each act of degradation…”
Agatha “Perhaps I’ll lick you clean of their spunk afterwards Slut…”
The car draws to a halt.
Agatha “I hope you’ve not been wanking yourself off Slut?!”
“Sorry Miss! Three times Miss! I squirted the third time -”
Ella Jane feels the harsh slap on the exposed top of her right thigh.
“Now out the car Slut!

Don’t Move. Stand just there Slut!”
“Yes Miss!”
The sound of metal-tipped stilettos on stone.
Ella Jane hears something clicking below her chin. A leash? She’s going to lead me like a dog…
Ella Jane feels herself tugged forwards. The smooth tarmac under her feet.
“Now Slut, I’ve heard it said that a nice pair of heels make a lady. Well, I do approve of those dangerously high stiletto heels you’ve chosen for me. But not because I want to make a lady of you my little Slut! No, not today. Don’t worry Slut, I’ll parade you slowly.”
I’m Hers…
Long grass or leaves brushing her calves. Ella Jane allows herself to be guided forward under Agatha’s caring direction. Flagstone pathing? Where is She taking me?
“Stop! Stay Slut!”
The sound of a key entering and turning in a lock.
A heavy door opening.

The tug on her collar again. Warmer perfumed air on her face and exposed chest. Voices and music some distance off.
“Stop there,” Agatha’s voice abrupt. “Give me your cloak Slut. You won’t be needing a coat where you’re going Slut!” Ella Jane feels the silk lining of the cloak slide from her shoulders. The warm air of the ‘hall’ embraces her.
“Get on your knees!”
Ella Jane squats, hands down at her sides, and carefully makes contact with the floor. The warmth of use-polished wooden floorboards meets her fingers. She feels her skirt riding up to expose her ass. The chord of her g-string tight between her buttocks. The smell of oranges…
“I said on your knees Slut!”
“E-ee!” The sharp sting of a hand on her exposed ass!
Ella Jane overbalances and finds herself on her knees. “Sorry Miss! It won’t happen again Miss!”
“It had better NOT Slut!”
Ella Jane feels the tug of her leash and crawls forward on all fours.
“Good pet,” the smooth floorboards harsh against her fishnet covered knees, the criss-crossed fabric digging in to her skin. The sound of heels on wood just ahead of her.
That sound abruptly muffled. Guided by the leash she turns to the right.
The sound changes. She is in a larger space. A rug or carpet under her hands then her knees as she crawls forwards. Voices and music clearer
Agatha speaking again, but not to her; Ella Jane waits patiently for her Mistress. The music is turned down.
“This is my little goth Slut. She’s asked that I do whatever I like to her. Whatever pleases me!”
A murmur on approval passes around Ella Jane. Male and female?
A single female voice responds, “what are you going to do with her Agatha?”
“More what am I going to get you depraved bunch to do to her?” Oh my god! What has she planned for me?
A louder murmur of approval rises from the group, some slapping (of knees?). Ella Jane feels the tension on her leash again, forcing her to crawl forwards on her hands and knees. She flinches at an unexpected touch. Hands brushing her face, her hair, as she crawls forward. Others stroking down her back; touching her exposed bum.
Agatha’s firm voice, “later boys and girls.”
Ella Jane feels herself being pulled away from the attention, the heels ahead of her once again striking a harder surface. Being led into a more contained space, another Corridor? Her hands alighting on wood again, the skin of her knees once again being pressed coarsely through the fishnet stockings. Feeling the fabric on her right knee catch and tear. Ella Jane feeling strangely detatched.
A pause in the rhythm of the steps of her Mistress.
“Halt!” A key turns and a door opens ahead, her collar is tugged forwards once again.
“Stop right there ‘Slut’!

“Now stand slut!” Ella Jane feels herself being drawn upwards by her neck. The timbre of Agatha’s footsteps changing. A larger space, but smaller than the previous room?
“Did you enjoy being touched by those people next door?
“Yes Miss” Ella Jane answers honestly.
“You dirty little Slut!” Ella Jane feels a harsh sting across both cheeks of her arse.
She is taken by the left wrist, and it’s raised above her head. Something soft but unyielding is wound round her wrist, and what feels like a firm knot applied to hold her arm above her. It doesn’t yield at all when she allows the weight to return to her arm. Fuck – what was that safe word?
Her right wrist is similarly hoisted, bound and secured.
Then both arms being drawn higher, wider. Stretching her frame.
Ella Jane smirks to herself despite the discomfort that she’s been positioned as the ‘Y’ for the village people. But her little indulgence is cut short by harsher sting across her buttocks. “Do you think you’re here to enjoy yourself ‘Slut’?”
“No-Mis-tress!” Ella Jane yelps as another blow lands on her tender rear.
“Glad to hear it. You’re here for my pleasure – my toy – my plaything!” If only She knew how turned-on She’s making me…
With that Ella Jane feels her ankles being kicked wider apart. “Now open up!”
“Yes Mistress!” Parting her ankles more than her shoulder-width apart.
Again, the rope. Pressing the pattern of the fishnet against her ankles this time rather than directly against her skin. First her left, then her right.
Ella Jane realises she has been securely bound – spread-eagled between two posts. Here for her Mistress’s pleasure, and completely at her mercy. Feeling how exposed she is.
Breath against her ear, “you are mine now!”
“Yes Mistress!”
Kisses on her neck.
A hand cruelly squeezing her breasts through the flimsy fabric of her top. Ella Jane lets out an involuntary gasp. Reassured by the touch of silk gloves against her exposed portion of her boobs. At least She’s not allowing those complete strangers to ‘touch me up’. Despite her helplessness, the discomfort, the explicit ‘threat’ of being handed to strangers to play with… or was it because of it, Ella Jane could feel her own warmth growing. Was it wrong to be so aroused when she had no idea what was going to happen to her?
On that though Ella Jane felt a gloved hand slide up the front of her leg, across the top of her hold-ups onto her soft thigh. Another hand lifting what remains of any modesty provided by her little skirt.
Those fingers on her thigh so close to her aching need.
Then contact that makes her breath shudder, running across the tiny lace triangle that makes up the front of her g-string. A finger tracing down the ridge of her outer labia. Pressing the cheap fabric into her, exploring her warmth.
Probing, pushing the lace inside her. Ella Jane realised just how wet she was with the ease that first one then two fingers pressed inside her. Their increasing tempo harsh with the fabric, sodden with her excitement…
“You’re soaking wet Slut!” The sound of her wetness being finger fucked… Ella Jane could feel her pleasure rising to fill her…
“Enough Slut!” As abruptly as the pleasure began its withdrawn.
Ella Jane finds herself panting and can barely manage a breathless “yes Miss…”
The sound of a match being lit. The whiff of sulphur then candlewax.

Agatha’s voice has a wicked aspect, “what does this feel like ‘Slut’?”
A cold point of contact against her breast.
A blade? She trembles. What the fuck is she up to now? The safe word is ‘squelchy’…
Ella Jane gasps with surprise as firm hands rip open the front of her flimsy top. Almost immediately, the fabric under her arms is sliced open from behind. Then the other side. The remnants are ripped abruptly from her body with one last tearing sound.
Feeling course hands squeeze her boobs through her cheap, slightly too small black lace bra. Her nipples found, squeezed, pulled.
Other hands bunching her skirt around her waist. Then pulling her back. A sharp coldness drawing up the back of her leg. Then the sawing movement shaking her back and forth. Her boobs juddering against the cruel fingers still clasping at her nipples. Fabric falling lose down her legs. Perhaps pooling between her splayed legs.
The cups of her bra being pulled down. Her nipples extracted, pulled punitively, a whimper extracted from her as she hangs, her tits exposed, stretched. Wicked slaps delivered to the taught skin – “Aaaaah – Mistress!”
“Have you had enough Slut?” Another cruel pinch and pull on her nipples! “What do you say Slut?”
“No Mistress – Thank you Mistress!”
Ella Jane feels he panties tugged-up viciously tight between her labia. Squeezing her pleasure nub; a gruel rhythm of tugging and releasing playing on her pleasure. Then naught. The damp panties trapped against her. Ella Jane’s own pulsing continues, and she breathes again.
Her thighs parted by long soft fingers. The last shard of lace decorum falls away.
Ella Jane feels completely exposed. Heels and stockings do nothing to hide any ‘modesty’ she might desire. She doesn’t. She wants to be exposed for her Mistress. To be her toy, her plaything. Her dirty little Slut!
Hands touching Ella Jane all over; caressing, cupping, exploring. Pinching her tender places. Making her gasp! Taking their pleasure; hers irrelevant.
Lips touching her, tongues running across her exposed flesh. Fingers pushing into her. Exploring her already wet cunt. Something hard and slippery circling, then pressing into her anus. This double use pinning her in pleasure.
Fingers probing deeper. Her tits being sucked on and now bitten by many mouths. Her arse skelpt! Ella Jane whimpering at the punishing attention.
The fingers inside her pumping in and out, frigging her like a multitude of little possessed cocks. The wet rhythm of their pleasure. Ella Jane’s whimpers getting louder…
Then nothing. What??
Ella Jane panting, her body aching. Held within the confines of unyielding bondage. Desperate for release…

The blindfold is untied, pulled from her, and Ella Jane’s senses are overloaded with her surroundings. Out in the garden, the moon seems very bright. Six saintly shrouded figures stand around the bed. The seventh stands in front of her, with a grin held high and wide. Agatha chants to the room, “hey ‘Slut’ – my pleasure is waiting for you! Hey my ‘Slut’, can you guess how I’ll use you?”
She is tied, spread-eagled between the posts at the foot of a solid four poster bed. Agatha standing on the mattress above her, glorious in only her buckled bodice, stockings and heels. Her magnificent breasts exposed. Candle-light flickers between the figures that stand around them.
“You’re going to watch my pleasure ‘Slut’!”
“You do like to watch, don’t you?? Either way, you’re going to watch me enjoying myself ‘Slut’!”
Spread-eagled between the posts of the bed Ella Jane can only watch, mesmerised by Agatha’s wicked smile as she settles down into the mattress. Without breaking eye contact she lifts and points her patent toes at Ella Jane, and with a grin lifts her long stocking-clad legs higher and parts them in a fishnet-V that directs Ella Jane’s gaze down to her sex…
“Come, my pretty things!”
Around her robes drop to the floor and figures advance towards the bed; four men and two women. Their bodies converge on Agatha’s prone, wantonly splayed, grinning form. Her hands greet and encourage, her mouth welcomes and encourages them.
Agatha takes, is taken by the six; already engorged phalluses grasped and thrust into her mouth. Others rubbed and slapped against her full breasts. The woman’s own pleasure evident in her gasps and nipples, swelling with each wet slap.
Oh Fuck – I am so turned on…
Ella Jane watches as the men and women rotate around Agatha on the mattress. Taking turns pleasuring themselves in her hands, in and against her mouth. Kisses shared. A murmur of sex surrounds Ella Jane, its intoxicating perfume enveloping her. Two men taking as much delight in rubbing themselves against each other as they do her mouth. Multiple bodies straddling Agatha, rubbing themselves against her, against each other. The woman grinding herself first against Agatha’s thigh, then higher, seeking the moist warmth of tribute. A male attempting to lick her arse as he strokes himself. His hand pulled from his member by a woman who envelops his cock with her lips, before pumping it into her mouth. Fingers delving back between her own thighs
Please! I’m so fuckin’ turned on – I need someone to touch me there…
Their efforts pushed out of the way by one of the breast slappers, a beautified tattooed male body-builder – with none of the deficiencies associated with steroid use. The three discarded bodies writhe together to Agatha’s right. The three unfurling and turning their attention back to Agatha and caressing the bodybuilder’s ass in encouragement as he thrusts forward between her thighs. A finger slides between his buttocks as her pounds into Agatha accompanied by chorus of wet slapping. The owner of the finger using her other hand to pump at the engorged cock over Agatha’s face as she suckles and bites at her Mistress’s swollen nipple as the other is slapped with a swollen cock. Delight at this evident on Agatha’s smudged face.
Fuck – I need it…
To that other side, a blonde woman with delicate breasts wearing a shroud of tattoos grabs a second cock as she slaps Agatha with the first, wanking it cruelly. Finding her own inked tits grasped and pulled on; nipples tugged cruelly. The pleasure showing on her face. Her companions’ fingers vigorously exploring her back and front.
Fuck! I wish that was me… I want that… I need it… their hands… on me… in me… Please!!!!
The pace of the sensual ministrations rising along with the clamour and perfume of sex in the room. Ella Jane’s unattended arousal building uncomfortably. The body-builder’s tight ass hammering in and out between Agatha’s thighs below Ella Jane. The revellers lost in an indiscriminate blurring of hands in and around their obviously building arousal. Agatha’s smudged lipstick a circle of pleasure.
Oh-Agatha-Please! Please! Please!
Agatha’s scream of pleasure cuts right through Ella Jane, jolting her from her aroused trance. Animal grunts and squeals respond all around her. The tensing of the bodybuilder’s buttocks. Grunts – spurts of pleasure converging of Agatha from all sides. Fluids spilling across her; splashing onto her face, down her neck and shoulders, across her shuddering boobs, and the leather of her corset.
As the tattooed bodybuilder manoeuvres himself from between Agatha’s thighs hands reach out and trail through the stick fluids that paint her body. Agatha’s sex revealed, resplendently swollen, pink and glistening. Agatha grins mischievously as he wipes his still swollen and glistening cock on her thigh, squeezing out a final rivulet of cum.
“Bring me my ‘Slut’!” Agatha commands, startling Ella Jane.

Ella Jane feels herself go limp as she is released, her arms and legs aching with the stretch the binding had given her. Strong hands hold her upright and carry her over to Agatha.
She is laid on the bed next to her well-fucked Mistress and is greeted with a mischievously drowsy smile. Agatha takes her head in her hands and kisses Ella Jane deeply. That divinely salty taste of sex.
Smiling roguishly Agatha whispers “now lick me clean my dirty little ‘Cum-Slut’…”
Ella Jane willingly does as she’s ordered.
She kisses Agatha’s sticky face and draws her extended tongue across her cheek. Tasting, devouring the strangers’ jism from her Mistress. I feel so dirty. A shameful little slut.
Agatha’s huskily whispered “good little slut” encouraging Ella Jane to lap up the sticky cum with growing enthusiasm. I am such a dirty-little-slut. Licking Agatha’s neck, encouraged to lick, fill her mouth with the crowd’s discharged lust. To swallow. I am Agatha’s dirty little cum-slut. Swallowing; showing no hesitation at the humiliating of her task. Obediently licking her Mistress clean of their obscene discharge.
Feasting on Agatha’s large slippery breasts, lapping up their filthy cum from her softness. I am just a little spunk-slut. Licking them clean of their dirty spunk. Hands forcing her head lower. Licking down, across her spunk-splashed corset; swallowing. The discomfort as hands force her against the buckled leather as she licks at it. Desperate to please her Mistress; eager to capture every last splatter of cum with her tongue. I’m Hers! I’m Her cum-hungry-little-slut! Licking hungrily despite the discomfort, swallowing.
Finding her mouth on the lower curve of Agatha’s stomach, soft and slick. Licking lower, avoiding the smooth rise of her shaven mons. I can smell her sex. Reaching the top of her right thigh, lapping hungrily at and swallowing what she remembers is the body-builder’s last release. Licking and swallowing until she runs out of cum to lick. Finding herself at Agatha’s stocking-tops.
Being made to do this – does she feel degraded? Dirty? Used? Humiliated? Shameful? Naughty? YES! She needs it! She fucking loves it!!!
Ella Jane retraces her path up her Mistress’s thighs with her tongue. Feeling those thighs part under her. Finding herself on her hands and knees between her Mistress’s open thighs. Pausing to take in with delight her puffed, splayed labia; glistening for her.
Approaching. Licking each lip in turn, taking each swollen petal into her mouth. Releasing them; running her tongue up them towards, but not daring to touch the bud pulsing beyond the apex. Savouring the man-taste mixed with her Mistress’s juices. Feeling naughty for licking Her pussy after it’s been fucked. Feeling like a dirty little Cum-Slut for enjoying licking that man’s spunk from her Mistress’s pussy. Pausing. Wanting to feel dirty. Seeing his creamy white fluid leak from her well-fucked… pussy… cunt… hole… Drawing the perfume into her lungs as she watches the spunk run out of Agatha.
Re-engaging. Kissing. Licking her deeply, swallowing the cream she finds.
Delving deeper with her tongue. Hands on the back of her head, encouraging her. Tongue fucking her Mistress with loud wet slaps as her cheeks are forced against the glorious apex of Agatha’s splayed thighs. Gasping breath with each release, forcing her tongue deeper with each subsequent clinch. Agatha using her Slut’s tongue to fuck herself. Being thoroughly used, with no consideration of her comfort or needs; a wet, harsh, face-slapping tongue-fuck.
Suddenly rewarded with the shuddering gush of Agatha’s pleasure. Her face forced even more harshly against Agatha’s cunt. Ella Jane’s mouth filling with her Mistress’s fluids. Swallowing, extending her tongue. Gulping down the deluge of her salty-sweet pleasure. Feeling used.
The pressure on the back of her head easing with diminishing washes of Agatha’s pleasure.
Released from the hold but still lapping languidly at Agatha’s wet pink pleasure. Cleaning her Mistress with her tongue. Feeling dirty. Used. An obedient little cum drinking Slut’…
Agatha raises herself up onto her elbows. Ella Jane looks up to her for approval.
“Good Girl! My dirty little cum-Slut…”

Pushing Ella Jane onto her back, Agatha grins and looks up at the raptly observing clique. “Now hold my ‘Slut’ down!”
Ella Jane finds hands take her limbs and pin her to the bed face-down, spread-eagled yet again.
“You. Are. A. Dirty. Little cum-Slut!” Agatha pronounces, “you deserve to be punished – don’t you?”
“Yes Mistress,” Ella Jane finds herself hurriedly responding into the sheets.
Agatha’s hand grasping her face, squeezing her cheeks. “What was that ‘Slut’?”
“Sorry Mistress!” Ella Jane gasps, “I’ve been a fucking dirty little Cum Slut! I need punished! Please Mistress – punish me!”
A quick slap low on the outside of her right thigh. Then the other. Agatha releases her mouth and presses her head into the damp cotton-covered mattress. A tingling contact on her right buttock hard enough to make Ella Jane gasp!
“You have been such a naughty, dirty, ‘Slut’! You need to be able to take the punishment!”
“Yes Mistress!”
A rain of slaps; so many slaps! One after the other. Light at first, building, eliciting a silent gasp. The spanking making the skin of her arse ring. The contact alternating, moving around her glutes. Ella Jane can only imagine how pink her buttocks look. But that’s something for later. The sensation continues, grows, changes. Filling Ella Jane. Each sharp sound followed by a wash of comforting warmth. Ella Jane feels herself slightly disconnected, as she begins to welcome the sensation more eagerly. Feeling the intertwining and connection with her arousal.
No idea how long the spanking goes on for.
Floating in the warmth; an aching fullness washing through.
Feeling a spike of anxiety as the sensation stops.
Unfulfilled Aching.
“Are you sorry now for being such a dirty ‘Slut’?!”
But Ella Jane can no longer speak. That elusive ache. With all the effort she can muster Ella Jane shakes her head and looks up longingly at her Mistress Agatha. More…
Ella Jane gasps as her Mistress begins to spank her harder. But that’s not a hand. She’s using a paddle on me? A textured paddle? The sensation is wicked. She can feel herself tighten deep inside in response. The warmth washes though and fills her again, feeding but not extinguishing her ache.
Ella Jane wonders what it would feel like across her breasts. Her tenderness exposed to that sensation…
A feeling fills her completely and Ella Jane is somewhere else, not sure if it’s a sound, a sensation, or a colour.
Ella Jane is looking up at the ceiling. A hand grasping either side of her mouth, squeezing her mouth open.
Ella Jane finds Agatha squatting astride her stomach. Her Mistress’s soft thighs just below her tender breasts. Not quite able to see…
“You peed yourself – you dirty ‘Slut’!
“Do you not know what happens to ‘Sluts’ who piss themselves?!”
Ella Jane wonders in a disconnected fashion whether she is about to find out.
Agatha releases a heavy jet of hot fluid that squirts across Ella Jane’s tits, and splashes up over her face. Mistress Agatha thrusting her pelvis forward, using her fingers to ensure the flow concentrates on Ella Jane’s face. The seemingly endless stream of hot fluid filling Ella Jane’s still open mouth. Needing to gulp the flood of piss down. The humiliation; being used as a toilet. Unable to drink it fast enough. Feeling it flow warmly down her neck, under her back, and across her tits.
As suddenly as it started the torrent ceases. Ella Jane closes her mouth, and swallows. As her vision clears, Ella Jane takes her lofty Mistress grinning down at her. Fingers caressing her slippery tits. Fingers repeatedly trying to gain traction on her nipples. Each time they slip out of grasp.
The brutal slap of her tit elicits a gasp that almost causes Ella Jane to choke.
Spanking her wet, piss-soaked tits. The loud wet sting. The wash of sensation. The sound and sensation repeating with a building tempo and a swirling sensation rebuilding within Ella Jane. Realising that part of the growing warmth is coming from around her. The figures, men and women, discharging over her a torrent of warm pee. Their piss spraying every inch of her body.
Hands caressing her slippery skin as Agatha continues to spank her tits.
“Help me my pretties!” Agatha’s voice sluicing through Ella Jane’s cocoon of sensation.
The others standing around her take Ella Jane’s limbs in their grip again, pulling. The spread-eagle not only firm despite her slippery skin, but uncomfortable to be stretched so widely. Opened up in a humiliating fashion, as if she had no feelings. As if she was insignificant. Just there to be used like some menial animal as her Mistress pleases? Abused like some worthless object merely allowed for others’ pleasure? Was she nothing?
Hands holding Ella Jane’s legs open, scissoring her position. Touching her. Unable to stop them. Not wanting to stop them. Pliantly allowing them to have their perverse pleasure with her. Feeling them explore and open her up. Agatha positioning herself between her splayed legs. Sliding down her thigh.
Fingers coarsely spreading her tender sex, holding her aching cunt open.
Feeling Agatha’s soft warmth press against hers. Allowing her to offer-up ‘tribute’ to her Mistress. The sensuality of that hot wet slippery sex against her own. The movement, the sensation delicious, the flowering, filling pleasure of being used. Lubricated fingers exploring the contact between them.
Its frustrating withdrawal.
Warmth entering Ella Jane, splashing up her thighs. A multitude of interlaced fingers pulling her sex outwards; explicitly exposing her most intimate place. Holding her open. Agatha pissing into Ella Jane’s splayed cunt. Quickly filling her, the delightfully perverse sensation of its warmth swirling and overflowing. Running warmly down between her buttocks to the bed below her. Her most delicate and private parts, exposed and used in such a perverse way for her Mistress’s pleasure. The humiliation. A thrill shoots through Ella Jane.

As she relishes the thought of her Mistress humiliating her, Ella Jane becomes aware of the hands touching her. Many hands sliding across her wet skin, slippery with their fluids. She imagines briefly that she is being attended to with sun lotion on an exotic beach. But the sharp sweet perfume of the fluids brings her back. The slippery touches become more forceful, more intimate. She is being explored for others’ pleasure not hers. Being used. Just an object of their wickedness and lust.
Agatha standing to the side watching her. Long fingers clearly moving between her thighs.
Their harshness exploring her. Pinching her. Pushing inside her every available orifice. Trying to fill her with their piss-slippery fingers. Stretching her cruelly. What for? Being used. What for? Whilst at the same time cruel slaps on her wet skin with stings that make her gasp. Whilst at the same time the fingers in her mouth making her gag.
Just an object. Degraded? Merely a sexual plaything. No. I’m a Slut? Was I forced into it? Made to? Willingly? I wanted it! I wanted this! My Humiliation!

Strong hands grasping at Ella Jane, lifting. That brief sensation of floating as they flip her over.
Her knees on the mattress again. Warmth between them. Finding herself on her knees on top of the weightlifter. Straddling him.
Looking up for Agatha’s approval. Seeing her grin. Knowing this is what her Mistress wants to see.
Glancing down at his impassive expression; feeling him sliding against her tender cunt. Ella Jane’s ache returning. Wanting. Needing, to be used. Wanting to explore her inner slut, to flaunt herself wantonly for Agatha; explore and parade that inner ‘Slut’. Allow herself to be used. To celebrate in her sluttiness.
Feeling him entering her ‘fuck hole’. The pleasure of gratifying his uncomfortable size replacing any feelings of discomfort. Grateful for the harsh stretching delivered earlier by ‘their’ fingers; for how wet they made her pussy as he penetrates her. Relishing the eventual pause deep inside her, his size filling her. Uncomfortably at first, the severity diminishing with each breath. Never has she had such a huge cock. He is grinning up at her now. Is she ready for what comes next? The sensation as he begins to move.
Hands lifting her up and down on him. Fucking him with her. Ella Jane’s cunt being used to wank him off. Shouts of glee as the others enjoy her discomfort. Her forced use as a worthless piece of meat, a fuck-toy for his enormous cock. Her humiliation. Hands slapping her exposed breasts; her nipples glowing with the attention. Sensation washing between them and her cunt, triggering a need for harder, more forceful attention there. Willing herself down onto that huge erection. To feel it thrust into her mercilessly.
Smelling rather than seeing the woman’s sex as, standing in front of her, she grinds herself into Ella Jane’s face. Finding her mouth, using her mouth for her pleasure. Ella Jane attempting to pleasure her. Barely able to tell where the taste of the woman ends and sensations pumping into her begins.
Ella Jane’s mouth suddenly vacant, the sensation from her nipples breaking into her consciousness. A beautifully glistening pair of mature buttocks presented to her, spread crudely, then thrust into her face. Lapping at it. Finding the tight slippery hole and ineffectively exploring it with her tongue as the woman slaps her ass back against her mouth. Eventually being allowed to explore the hole with her tongue as the woman slowly grinds her ass against Ella Jane’s face. Aware of fingers below pleasuring the woman as Ella Jane delves into her ass. Feeling her own ass ache with a neglected need.
Feeling the pleasure of her release as it forces out her tongue. The woman collapsing forward onto the bed. Feeling her bum cheeks being spread and a tongue against her own asshole. The rhythm matching the cock still fucking her.
One, then a second cock forced against and sliding slippery across her face. The scarlet taloned fingers wrapped around them, painting her face with their sticky fluids. The act reminding Ella Jane of her place. To be used. Her role as her Mistress’s fuck-toy ‘Slut’. Feeling them rub against each other on her face, jostling, jousting for her mouth. Ella Jane opening wide, accommodative, wanting to taste them, to feel them use her. Quickly rewarded for her subservience. Tasting the winner’s saltiness against her tongue. The gag as he thrusts deeper; again, and again. A hand holding her head firmly in place.
Ella Jane taken by surprise by her own body. The sensations from her maltreated cunt reaching a sudden and unexpected climax. Washing out through whole body, taking her. No other feelings.
The sensation in her mouth edging back into her awareness; that first cock replaced with a second. Those meaty lengths briefly rubbing against each other during the exchange. The thrust when it comes making her gag. Hands holding her in place. Gagging; a cock using her mouth. Another taking pleasure from her cunt, filling her more completely than ever before. A tongue forcing itself into her ass. Ella Jane glancing up to see Agatha obviously enjoying her ‘Slut’s service’. The obvious pleasure in her Mistress’s smile. The hand between her thighs no doubt adding to her pleasure. The acknowledgement her Mistress is taking pleasure from – pleasuring herself watching – Ella Jane being used. Knowing she is giving her Mistress pleasure. The feeling of purpose, of… dare she think it… joy…
Ella Jane’s pleasant reflection is quickly extinguished as her gaping mouth is forced to be more accommodative. The first cock is driven into her mouth alongside its replacement. Now the two lengths slide against each other, forcing her to gag wetly over them. The relief in feeling them withdraw replaced with the shock of having them both slapped wetly against her face.
Realising that her nipples were being alternately suckled and bitten from below. The two females there taking vocal pleasure in their oral torture of her tits. The two cocks now sliding against each other as much as her mouth, using her copious saliva as lubricant for their pleasure. Feeling like a
Realising the sensation has changed behind her. She is no longer moving up and down on the huge dick. Her arse was no longer being stabbed with the pliability of a tongue in time to the humbling penetrations of the huge cock below. Now a different sensation there, something warm and firm sliding down between her buttocks. Something solid pressing against her anus. Waiting. Pushing in. Entering her; stretching, filling her. Making Ella Jane gasp, breathless with the sensation even without movement. Feeling two swollen cocks pulsing inside her, filling her like that for the first time. The feeling so deliciously dirty. So delightfully ‘Slutty’?
Movement! Oh Goddess! Little swirls of colour flying up through her. Movement building, the sensation intensifying. Synchronised thrusts filling her with delightful waves of that colour. Losing herself in the pumping, blinding, enveloping pleasure of being taken like this. Only half aware of accommodating the large hard phallus in her mouth again. Barely conscious of the gagging it’s thrusts deep to her throat elicit. Pinned and used by three cocks. Their pace cruelly indifferent to her needs. Using her. The sensations of bites on her boobs almost lost on Ella Jane in the sensual turmoil.
Ella Jane’s thoughts briefly drift to the movement within her. Imagining the two cocks rubbing against each other through the slightest of membranes. Wondering how much they enjoy rubbing their dicks together as they slide inside her… the trusts now alternating, twisting the sensation swirling within her.
Ella Jane realises her mouth is now stretched full again. Those cocks sliding against each other in their enthusiasm. Their owners fighting over her mouth as a fuck-hole, callously indifferent to her. All the time her cunt and ass being used, her boobs being tormented.
Aware of a squirt of hot fluids across her belly. The slapping against her buttocks slowing, then intensifying again. Now matching the rhythm pounding cruelly into her cunt. Her mouth full, used, fucked. The heat from her screaming nipples.
A face close to hers. Another mouth engaging with the wet shafts forcing their way into hers. Ella Jane’s mouth full. Her cunt full. Her ass full. Never has she felt like this. How can she keep taking it! The female lips on the cocks right in front of her, the unfeasibly extended tongue lapping greedily at them. Feeling filled to the point where she should burst. Feeling guilt – used as a filthy ‘Cum Slut’!
Looking up into Agatha’s eyes, seeking approval.
Aware of one of the cocks pressed into her mouth swelling… then the inevitable surge of warmth against the back of her throat. The spasming of one cock setting off the other as they slide together into her accommodating mouth. The roars of pleasure Feeling her mouth fill with their cum. Unable to swallow. Feeling it squelch out of her mouth with each of their thrusts, running down her chin. Feeling herself twitch with the degraded pleasure of having two men cum in her mouth at the same time. Dirty little Cum-Slut!
Realising her twitches of pleasure were shared below. The feeling of first the cock in her ass, then the huge one in her cunt swelling up as they pump in and out of her. Stretching her, filling her more and more and more. One spasming deep inside her. Causing her to shudder uncontrollably. Then a second. Heat. Colour. Twisting through Ella Jane as two swollen cocks jerk and spasm, discharging their heat deep within her. Her body shuddering uncontrollably in response. Climax passing between them, back and forth in waves. The brightness expanding to fill her, to raise her into a floating calm…

…Ella Jane’s heart beating in her ears… Agatha’s smiling face. Her mouth moving, words indistinct. One repeated phrase seeping through, “…good girl…”
Feeling Agatha’s kisses on her face, a tongue licking the sticky cocktail from her cheeks and chin.
Agatha rewarding her ‘Slut’, returning the favour by cleaning her. Ella Jane feeling the warmth of her salving tongue down across her clavicle, seeking out her aching breasts. Ella Jane realising just how cruelly the girls had tortured her tits, wincing at Agatha’s devotion there. Each lash of Agatha’s tongue producing a wash of delightful sensation.
“Mmmmmmm,” Ella Jane finds herself relishing that touch. But wanting more, “please bite me!”
“Bite me what?”
“Bite me please Mistress,” Ella Jane pleads in response.
‘Aaaahhh!’ Ella Jane screams with the bite, her secret pleasure. Each of the following bites filling her with a decadent joy, sating her secret need. The after-ache of agreeable warmth making Ella Jane tingle.
Relishing the warm strokes down her body. Knowing her Mistress is cleaning her body of her filthy behaviour, licking away her sins.
The kisses on the tops of her thighs.
Feeling Agatha’s fingers slide easily inside her aching cunt. She has three sliding easily in and out of Ella Jane before she decides to pump faster. Making Ella Jane gasp at the increased sensation. Agatha curls her fingers up and directs her attention at Ella Jane’s g-spot with what is by now a cruel tempo.
“Come for me my little ‘Slut’!”
Again, the rapidity of her climax shocks Ella Jane. Funding herself gasping for breath as she returns to the room.
Agatha’s eyes looking up at Ella Jane from between her parted thighs. Then the beautiful sensuality of Agatha’s tongue lapping slowly up her aching, engorged labia. Agatha’s speed, enthusiasm building. Her tongue exploring deeper. Lapping at and penetrating Ella Jane’s cunt. Her abandon and enthusiasm that of a wild beast. Ella Jane feels her own animal spirits rise in response. Agatha is a dirty cunt licker! The woman’s oral gusto painting Ella Jane’s pleasure. The sound of her wet guzzling gorging of her Slut’s cunt a delight in itself, but what she is doing with her tongue takes Ella Jane’s breath away. Those waves on the sea of pleasure begin to lap further up on her shore. She tried to hold them back, to savour the peak of the moment. Ella Jane struggles and twists as the pleasure laps higher.
Too quickly Ella Jane finds she cannot hold back those waves, and once again she is overwhelmed by them. Losing control. Giving up control. Surrender. Floating in an overwhelming calmness as her physical body writhes in the shuddering, uncontrolled wet mess of her ultimate climax.

Numb. Floating.
Lying in damp softness.
Aware of arms around her, enveloping her aching body. Holding her firmly and lovingly.
Tender kisses on her forehead.
“Is ok Ella Jane, I have you.”



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